Justice League Action Clips: Conroy's Batman, Hamill's Joker & More

DC Comics' characters have been an staple of American animation for decades, from the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons to the Super Friends and Justice League. For almost as long as fans have been reading the adventures of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, they've been watching them, too.

And in that grand tradition, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation continue to produce superhero cartoons and films; most recently with animated adaptations like Batman: The Killing Joke and the short-form series, Teen Titans Go!. This fall they'll debut Justice League Action on Cartoon Network, an animated series comprised of 11-minute episodes that will feature DC's heroes and villains in amusing and action-packed adventures.

Our first look at Justice League Action in... action came from its Comic-Con trailer, but now we have three clips from the series. Above, you can watch The Joker - voiced by longtime Joker actor, Mark Hamill, who is also joined by longtime Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy on the series - tangle with one of Superman's rogues, Mongul. The other two clips (below), feature Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Cyborg under the control of Toyman, and Batman and Blue Beetle teaming up to take on Chronos.

When announced, Justice League Action was described as series that "jumps in with lightning-paced action and heroics," and that's evident even with these short clips. A full episode is only expected to run at around 11 minutes, which doesn't leave much in the way for heavy exposition or development. Much like Teen Titans Go!, this cartoon will rely on its audiences already being familiar with the characters, their relationships and motivations in order to get the jokes. Something that's basically a given with how prevalent DC Comics' character are and continue to be.

The style of animation is less "cartoonish" than Teen Titans Go!, favoring a style that's similar but not exact to what evolved in the DC Animated Universe; where Bruce Timm's style on Batman: The Animated Series became more streamlined for shows like Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League. It's also interesting to note that Batman has a different look from one clip to the next (his ears are much taller in one clip), suggesting the series could explore different eras for each character. That, or it's just that the Chronos adventure involves time travel. Either way, in animation the possibilities are virtually endless.

Justice League Action premieres November 27th, 2016 on Cartoon Network.

Source: Cartoon Network [via CBR]

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