Everything We Know About Zack Snyder's Original Justice League 2 Plans


In the time since Justice League's release, we've slowly begun to learn about what Zack Snyder's original plan for Justice League would have been, in turn illuminating what was going to happen with Justice League 2. One of these biggest hints reveals the villain of Justice League 2: Darkseid.


Darkseid was never a huge mystery, considering Steppenwolf is basically a henchman sent to pave the way for him, so it makes little sense to send Steppenwolf without plans for Darkseid to follow.  His appearance in Justice League would have likely been little more than a tease or two, as revealed by a leaked storyboard, with his real introduction happening in Justice League 2, when he became the primary antagonist. A recent tease suggests the Anti-Life equation is visible in Justice League's history lesson scene, hinting that Justice League 2 could have seen a significant influence from Grant Morrison's Final Crisis comics.

More Heroes Would Die, Probably Batman

Never one to shy away from darker, heavier moments, Zack Snyder had already killed of the Man of Steel at the end of, Batman v Superman, and it seems like that wasn't the end of the hero bloodshed in the franchise, as he recently revealed that the 3 crosses visible during Superman's death were actually a connection to Justice League 2.

With such a vague hint, it's hard to know exactly what that means, but given the context, and the filmmaker, it's almost certainly heralding additional death before it's all over. Due to the symbolism of the cross, his character arc, the supposed source material, the actor's contract, and the thematic relevance to the 3 cross symbolism, it's fair to assume Batman would have died in a sacrifice against Darkseid. But dies the 3rd cross represent another death? We've theorized it could be Lex Luthor, but who knows!


In the initial reception to Batman v Superman, one of the most ridiculed scenes was the Knightmare sequence and the time traveling Flash warning Bruce Wayne of some impending danger. The purpose of the scenes were hard to make out at the time due to limited context, but it's fairly clear it's meant to tie into another movie. Even so, we never saw any more of that plot after Batman v Superman.


Thanks to the storyboard that introduces Darkseid, we know the Knightmare was supposed to happen to Cyborg this time, triggering when he plugs into the Kryptonian ship right before Superman's resurrection. His vision saw a much larger scale destruction than Batman's, and it also introduced Darkseid. It's still not clear exactly where it's going, but with Justice League 2 never happening in its originally intended form, we may never see the conclusion, even if the Synder Cut is ever released.

Introduction For Green Lanterns?

A major question during the production of Batman v Superman and Justice League was when and where DC was going to introduce the Green Lanterns. It's understandable they'd want to shy away from the hero after a disastrous solo film in 2011, but he had to show up in Justice League, right? Or at least Justice League 2?

There was never any confirmation that the green lanterns would appear in Justice League 2, but Darkseid invading Earth and a Green Lantern Corps. movie planned for release not long after Justice League 2's original date definitely suggests that it'd be the right place for them to show up. Especially with a Green Lantern showing up to fight Steppenwolf in Justice League's history lesson. Justice League also includes Bruce and Diana setting up Wayne Manor as the Hall of Justice, promising to leave "room for more" at the table. If this was Snyder's intent, then there are many more options than just the Lanterns, including Shazam, the whole Bat Family, and more.

Fans continue to clamor for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but even if they get it, Snyder's Justice League 2 is a movie that will likely never exist. We may learn more about it over time, but as of now there's nothing to show, and Justice League Part Two will join the ranks of Justice League Mortal and Superman Lives as fabled DC projects.

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