Justice League Producer Wants Fans to Get Excited For Sequel

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Warner Bros. has only just begun to screen Justice League, but producer Charles Roven wants audiences to leave this movie eager to see Justice League 2. It has been a long time coming, but Justice League is finally almost here. WB's biggest installment in their new DC movie universe has had a storied production filled with tragedy, hearsay, and a great deal of negativity. The response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice put Justice League in the crossfire of countless rumors and even caused the studio to make a few changes to the planned team-up before production started, with additional changes also rumored.

Justice League was originally announced alongside a slate of movies including Justice League 2, which was set hit theaters two years later in 2019, but the fate of Justice League 2 hasn't been clear in light of recent franchise changes, especially after reports of Joss Whedon reshooting the ending, but it appears there may still be plans for a sequel after all.

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Screen Rant was in attendance at the Justice League press junket Warner Bros. held in London today, Charles Roven as asked what he wanted people to take away from Justice League, to which he quickly responded by saying, "I want them to want to see Justice League 2!" Outside of that comment, both Roven and Deborah Snyder said they aren't going to talk about sequels, with Snyder saying "I think we'll open the movie and see where we go from there," so it doesn't sound like development on Justice League 2 is about to be fast-tracked.

This could read as Roven putting more of an emphasis on the continuation of the universe at large over the quality of the movie, but it should be the exact opposite. The best way for Roven to get the response he (and surely everyone involved) wants is for Justice League to be a good movie at the very least. Franchises often fail before they even get off the ground all the time in Hollywood, but if audiences leave Justice League wanting to see another movie, that would most likely signal they liked the movie, are invested in the characters, and ready to see more.

The status of Justice League 2 is very much unclear, despite J.K. Simmons saying they have been working on the script. This may very well be true, but the reaction from Justice League will determine how quickly a sequel moves forward. Previous reports said it was delayed in favor of Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Matt Reeves taking over as director could've changed that, but we've also heard Flashpoint is on hold until the studio knows how Justice League is received. There is clearly pressure on Justice League to deliver, so the studio feels comfortable moving ahead with multiple other films, especially the sequel Roven hopes audiences will desire.

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