Movie Rights Picked Up For 'Just Cause' Video Game Franchise

Just Cause video games to be adapted into movie

Just Cause 2, the major video game release from Avalanche Studios for 2010, is one of the most intense and fun games to be released this year. As a sequel to 2007's Just Cause, CIA black ops agent Rico "The Scorpion" Rodriguez is back to overthrow another evil dictator through the most extreme style of guerrilla warfare.

The game offers just enough craziness to warrant a feature film adaption for Eric Eisner and his L+E Pictures who have purchased the film rights to the franchise. The film will be produced by Adrian Askarieh and written by Michael Ross (Turistas).

There is very little story that matters in the Just Cause video games and the few-and-far-between character moments and cinematics are of little importance or emotion. What makes Just Cause something special is the fact the player can do literally anything they imagine within the fictional yet beautiful islands of San Esperito in the Caribbean and Panau in Southeast Asia.

Is that a mountain? Let's shoot our way up with the grappling hook. Is that a helicopter? Let's jump to it, throw out the pilot and take it. Are you flying too high now? Let's jump out and open the parachute right before hitting the ground. Oh, you don't want to hit the ground? Let's grapple-hook to that sports car driving by while shooting a motorcyclist and being chased by truckloads of soldiers. This is standard gameplay in Just Cause 2 and you can do this across the game's 400 square mile open world.

Take a look at some of the action set pieces the film(s) could feature:

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Yes, Rico is riding a plane in that one image. The only issue here is the budget and practicality of pulling some of these stunts off without full use of CGI.

The key to adapting this game will be in delivering the feel and style of the stunts and action of the game and its third-person perspective. While the story will mean absolutely nothing and will no doubt be overloaded with characters we care nothing for, I already fear for this movie since producer Adrian Askarieh was responsible for the awful Hitman adaptation which carried nothing special over from that video game franchise. He's also attached to Hitman 2 and Kane & Lynch which don't have much going for them at the moment.

Are you excited for a Just Cause movie or do you expect it to follow the trend of disappointing video game adaptations?

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Source: Variety

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