Just Cause 4 Trailer: Rico Rodriguez Ghost Rides A Car Into A Tornado

Fans of the Just Cause series were very much expecting an announcement of Just Cause 4 at this year's E3, but that doesn't make the game's debut trailer any less exciting. The chaotic open world series was one of the most beloved of the last console generation, with Just Cause and its sequel offering up a level of explosion-fueled gameplay that few could compete with. With Just Cause 3 pushing the series onto new hardware in 2015, many were then left wondering when the fourth game in the franchise would appear.

Just Cause 4 could have made a serious surprise at E3 2018, but unfortunately it was one of many games that was subject to unfortunate leaks in the run-up to the expo. First, Walmart accidentally leaked the game among a variety of other titles at the beginning of May, before the Steam storefront then proceeded to accidentally reveal the title in an advertisement.

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As such, many fans of the property were sitting with anticipation to see exactly what Just Cause 4 would bring when E3 kicked off. Although the trailer did not come as a surprise at all, nonetheless the reveal of the title still left a pretty massive impression upon release. The trailer in question can be seen above, while a behind-the-scenes look at Avalanche Studios can be found below.

Of course, the biggest takeaway from the trailer is that Rico Rodriguez ghost rides a car into a tornado, although perhaps that shouldn't come as much of a shock regarding a character whose default method of transport seems to be wingsuit-under-fire. Nonetheless, it does show that the ridiculous free movement mechanics of the series are still out in full force this time around, and no doubt Just Cause 4 will be all the better for it. Indeed, Just Cause 4 is making extreme weather a major focus this time around, along with the introduction of the Rainforest, Grasslands, Alpine, and Desert biomes.

Aside from this, Just Cause fans will be interested to see the return of the Black Hand, a mercenary group that proved fiendish adversaries in both Just Cause and Just Cause 3. As such, Rodriguez will need to use all methods of destruction to survive, although the trailer shows that the creative streak of throwing vehicles into other vehicles for maximum damage is still alive and well.

The trailer finishes off by revealing the game's release date, with Just Cause 4 set to arrive on December 4, 2018. That the game will launch this year will no doubt be good news for long-term fans of the series, and it means that the holiday season can be filled with plenty of virtual destruction. Between now and then, though, Avalanche will no doubt have even more to reveal about the game.

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