Just Cause 4 Game Trailer Showcases New Engine

A new trailer for Just Cause 4 shows off the stunning capabilities of the game's engine, the Apex Engine. Games developed by Avalanche Studios always use the company's Apex Engine, which has been greatly improved for Just Cause 4.

Swedish video game developer Avalanche Studios has a reputation for making open world sandbox games designed for high replayability. The company is renowned for the Just Cause franchise, which combines open world exploration with destruction. Avalanche has also developed 2015's Mad Max and is currently working on Rage 2, which has a 2019 release date. All of Avalanche's games are built with Apex, their in-house engine.

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Avalanche Studios has released a new trailer that focuses on the Apex Engine and what it can do for Just Cause 4. According to the video, it "can handle pretty much anything that you want to throw at it", which includes "crazy physics, dynamic weather patterns,  and brand new terrain". We get to see how the game's graphics have improved since Just Cause 3, and learn more about some of the game's newest features.

Games in the Just Cause series have always been designed with physics and destruction in mind, but for the latest installment in the series, Apex had to be "rebuilt from the ground up" due to the emphasis on weather, which was highlighted in the Just Cause 4 reveal trailer where the protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, can be seen driving into a tornado.

Extreme weather in Just Cause 4 isn't limited to tornadoes. We learned at E3 2018 that the game has four different environments, each with their own natural disaster. So aside from tornadoes, Rico can also encounter sandstorms, blizzards, and forked lightning. Destruction has also been enhanced, as Just Cause 4 doubles the number of objects that Rico can destroy, and gives him new toys and an improved grapple to wreak havoc with. Rico will be able to launch enemies, vehicles, and other objects into the air with balloons.

Given the amount of improvements and additions made to Just Cause 4, it's no wonder that the Apex Engine had to receive a serious upgrade. Impressive visuals are a must when considering everything Just Cause 4 is trying to do. The game's focus on implementing physics, destruction, and extreme weather - all at the same time - promises to provide players with hundreds of hours of fun and mayhem.

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Just Cause 4 launches December 4, 2018 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the PC via Steam.

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