Everyone Is Afraid of Rico in New Just Cause 4 Live-Action Trailer

With the launch of Just Cause 4 less than a week away, Square Enix has released a new live-action trailer for the upcoming game. The new trailer gives a humorous take on what happens after the series protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, takes an enemy base.

Published by Square Enix and developed by Avalanche Studios with a brand new engine, Just Cause 4 sends Rico to a fictional country called the Republic of Solis in South America where he is set to face off against his old enemies, the Black Hand, led by a new character and the game's main villain, Gabriella. While fighting the Black Hand, Rico will also be up against a threat that is completely new to the Just Cause series: extreme weather. The new game will see Rico chase tornadoes, fight more intelligent enemies, and explore a vast open world filled with four different kinds of environments.

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Square Enix has released a live-action trailer for Just Cause 4 that shows Gabriella walking into a sick bay and trying to find out why one of her bases was destroyed. Though never mentioned by name, the culprit was clearly Rico, which is made clear by the soldiers' humorous responses to her questions. The trailer portrays Rico as an unstoppable force, which has always been an important theme in the Just Cause games. The trailer stays true to Rico's "action hero" image in a hilarious way.

The trailer provides a fun look at the result of the destruction caused by Rico. In the Just Cause games, Rico uses all kinds of creative ways to plow through soldiers and lay waste to an enemy base. Now fans get to see things from the perspective of the bad guys, who act like they've been traumatized by fighting with Rico.

It's easy to understand why Gabriella's men would be afraid of Rico, especially since Just Cause 4 gives the character even more new toys to wreak havoc with. Rico can now take control of cranes and wrecking balls, attach enemies to weather balloons, sandwich vehicles together with his upgraded grapple, and attach booster rockets from a distance. The amount of weapons and resources at Rico's disposal in Just Cause 4 promises hours of fun and mayhem for players.

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Just Cause 4 launches Tuesday, December 4 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC via Steam.

Source: Square Enix

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