Just Cause 4 Leaked Ahead of E3 2018 By Steam Advertisement

It's a busy day for Avalanche Studios. Hours after announcing a new cooperative first-person shooter called Generation Zero, the existence of Just Cause 4 was leaked thanks to an advertisement on Steam. The ad, which asks players to pre-purchase the game now, despite the page not being live, doesn't confirm anything other than that protagonist Rico Rodriguez will return and that the open-world action game will once again be released on PC. Neither of those are surprises, but it's good to have those details cemented.

Avalanche Studios is having a busy period right before E3 2018. Not only were they recently acquired by Nordic film company Nordisk, but they were also announced as being the main developer behind the upcoming RAGE 2Just Cause 4 is the company's third game announcement in just a few weeks. While Bethesda is publishing RAGE 2, and Square Enix is expected to continue publishing the Just Cause series, the studio is also getting into self-publishing with the aforementioned Generation Zero.

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The Just Cause 4 Steam ad piles onto all the evidence suggesting the game is real, like the Walmart Canada leaks from last month, which also revealed RAGE 2. Considering all the games that have been leaked and/or confirmed following Walmart's listings, it stands to reason the other games listed will also be announced pretty soon, like Gears of War 5Splinter Cell, and a new Forza Horizon. It's possible those games will be confirmed during the E3 2018 press conferences this weekend. In fact, that's looking more likely now than before.

It's possible that more information on Just Cause 4, including a trailer and a proper reveal, will happen at Square Enix's E3 2018 press conference, which takes place on Monday, June 11. This early ad on Steam clearly isn't how Square Enix wanted to unveil the game, and Avalanche Studios may not be happy with it either since they've now had two of their biggest announcements spoiled within just a few weeks - and it wasn't their fault. That has to be frustrating to get so close to E3 2018 with surprises and to see them all dissipate thanks to retailers jumping the gun.

Either way, Just Cause 4 will likely have a solid showing at E3 2018. The series' brand of open-world mayhem is a perfect fit for a press conference trailer, and it could make for an awesome gameplay demo as well. There's only a few days left until gamers get to learn more about what separates the fourth entry from its predecessors, and surely Avalanche Studios will have some innovations to share with the world.

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Source: Kotaku

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