Just Cause 4 Easter Eggs Guide: Jurassic Park, Take On Me & More

If there's one thing besides high stakes action and absolutely bonkers physics that the Just Cause games are known for, it's their clever and well-placed Easter eggs. While Just Cause 4 certainly ups the ante on the former qualities, it doesn't hold back on including some truly wonderful references to both pop culture and previous games in the series alike.

Fans have long looked to the Just Cause games to provide endearingly silly Easter eggs to popular pop culture surrounding the time of its release, from nods to Lost in Just Cause 2 to Thor's hammer making an appearance in Just Cause 3. Soon after Just Cause 4's release, it didn't take fans long to discover exactly how Avalanche decided to implement their particular brand of references into the latest entry of their high octane adventure game series. In fact, one of the first Easter eggs discovered in Just Cause 4 is arguably Avalanche's most detailed reference yet, poking fun of the popular indie game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Naturally, that was only a taste of what Just Cause 4 has to offer in terms of Easter egg references.

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This Screen Rant guide will provide players with a full list of every Easter egg that's been discovered in Just Cause 4's open world setting, what they mean and, most importantly of all, where they are located in the game's fictional Solís setting.

Jurassic Park Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

Found in the north-eastern section of Solís' map, in the hills of Delta Rio Wanay, players will find a building void of all signs of life. Upon closer inspection, those with a more keen eye will find that this building and its surrounding area looks a lot like the Velociraptor enclosure from the first Jurassic Park movie. Additionally, there will be warning signs placed throughout the compound that paint a vivid picture of why the facility is now abandoned. While no dinosaurs can actually be found here, players will find a lone cow roaming around the facility, which is of course another small nod to Jurassic Park. Also a fun tidbit is the fact that the facility housed the experimental "Project Solisian Amber" which is a clear callback to how the dinosaur DNA was extracted in the film. Finally, if players find a console in the control tower there will be one last reference to the 1993 blockbuster to enjoy in voice form.

Take On Me Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

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Seemingly capitalizing on the recent explosion of 1980s nostalgia fueled pop culture like Stranger Things, this Just Cause 4 Easter egg references the 1985 A-Ha song "Take On Me" and is perhaps the weirdest callback in the entire game. To find this Easter egg, players should head to the city of Vista Futura where they'll come across a building that isn't quite finished. Inside, "Take On Me" can be heard playing in the background and players will step into an art style heavily resembling the video for the A-Ha song. As a nice bonus, a woman can be found dancing along to the song and Rico can even join in.

PUBG Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

This next entry doubles as an Easter egg and a unique weapon opportunity for players and it comes straight out of the popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. If players head to the village of Don Hector in the Abundancia area, they'll discover a balcony containing both a loot crate and a frying pan. Both are clearly references to PUBG, though it's only the latter that actually serves a purpose. If used, the frying pan will replace Rico's whip melee weapon and is even slightly more powerful than that weapon. Even if you don't want to equip the weapon, it's still a fun little nod by Avalanche to the battle royale title.

Cow Gun Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

While not a direct reference to any game, the cow gun in Just Cause 4 serves a similar purpose as the DK Pistol in Just Cause 3, which allowed players to inflate enemy's heads like balloons. This time around, however, the cow gun will allow Rico to turn anyone who's shot with it into large cows. This weapon can be found on a farm in the north east section of Vaivenes sitting on a table. As an added bonus, the secondary fire gun will turn Rico himself into a cow. While this doesn't really change the physics or how enemies act, it's just some bizarre added fun players can dabble in.

Toy Car Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

Again, this is an Easter egg that's not necessarily based on any piece of pop culture, but also like the last entry, if found it can serve a practical purpose for players. Plus, it's just a lot of fun to use. In the city of Quya, located in the north east part of the map, players can find a toy off road vehicle stored in the side of a house. This will take a bit of searching around, but it's hard to miss when you come upon it. As Rico, players will be able to ride the vehicle around to their heart's content and look hilarious while doing so. Additionally, the toy off roader is one of the faster vehicles in Just Cause 4 and players can spend hours doing stunts or basically whatever they want on what is supposed to be a child's toy.

Mile High Club Easter Egg in Just Cause 4

This next Easter egg is actually a few different references to past Just Cause titles combined into one big location. First appearing in Just Cause 2, the Mile High Club originally served as a brothel aboard an airship. The remnants of the club appeared again in Just Cause 3, though it was mostly destroyed and wasn't intact. This time around, the Mile High Club in Just Cause 4 actually has an inside portion and features the green dancer from Just Cause 3 as well as the character Bolo Santosi, who appeared in both Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3. It also features references to Panau Sonic, the fictional company that's appeared or been mentioned in previous Just Cause titles.


While there are many Easter eggs in Just Cause 4, these listed above are the essential ones that most players will care about most. They are expertly implemented into the game and continue Avalanche Studios' habit of giving long-time fans of the franchise recurring references to past games as well as completely ludicrous pop culture references for everyone else.

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