Just Cause 4 Has A Unique Indie Game Easter Egg - And Here's How To Find It

The Just Cause series always had fun with Easter eggs from other video games, movie, and TV shows, and the newest installment, Just Cause 4, is no exception. Just Cause 4, which releases today, includes an Easter egg from the popular Indie game, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Just Cause 4 sends series protagonist Rico Rodriguez to the Republic of Solis, a South American country filled with beautiful locations, four different types of environments, and extreme weather. In Just Cause 4, Rico must go up against his old enemies, the Black Hand, who are now led by a brand-new villain, Gabriella Morales. For his new adventure, Rico comes equipped with several new tools and weapons, including an upgraded grapple hook, weather balloons, and rocket boost bombs that can now be attached from a distance.

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Just Cause 4 features an Easter egg of Getting Over It with Bennett Fody, an Indie platformer where the main character is stuck in a cauldron and has to use a pickaxe to propel himself into the air in an effort to climb up a mountain. Now, Just Cause 4 players can do the same thing.

In Just Cause 4, Rico can find the pickaxe and cauldron from Getting Over It. After interacting with it, the camera angle is changed to give the game a side-scrolling format. Rico is now inside the cauldron and like the Getting Over It protagonist, has to use the pickaxe to move up and across a pile of junk positioned on the side of a mountain. During the short sequence, a voiceover from Getting Over It creator Bennett Foddy is played, where he talks about the game and says, "You're most likely watching this Easter egg online. When someone else has discovered and recorded it for you like a baby bird being fed chewed up food".

As for how to find the Easter egg, Just Cause 4 players should be able to locate it by traveling to an area in the Picos Helados region, marked in the image above. Near the top of the mountain, the player should be able to spot the cauldron and the pickaxe. The Getting Over It Easter egg is the latest pop culture reference found in the Just Cause series. The last game, Just Cause 3, included Easter eggs of Thor's hammer, the smoke monster from Lost, Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy VII, and many more. With Just Cause 4 releasing today, fans will surely be scouring the game to root out any other hidden Easter eggs.

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