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Many a person had predicted that a teaser for Jurassic World - the next installment in (and partial reboot of) the Jurassic Park franchise - was going to debut at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, but that ended up not happening. No matter, though, as rumor has it the movie's first trailer could be attached to Christopher Nolan's sci-fi feature Interstellar next month; failing that, the first preview ought to be released sometime before 2014 is done (as will the teasers for other big Summer 2015 releases).

Until then, we have an alleged Jurassic World trailer footage description available for your consideration. The breakdown was provided courtesy of Youtube user "Ivan Flores" who says that he was randomly selected to participate in a survey study on the not-yet released Jurassic World trailer footage by Regal Cinema. It's also worth noting that his original video description has already been taken down from Youtube, due to a copyright claim by Universal (though, that doesn't guarantee that it's authentic).

Jurassic has a full breakdown of the Jurassic World trailer taken from the original video description. You can read the entire transcript over at that site; below, we've broken the preview down bullet-point style, to focus on its key elements.

  • The trailer opens with tourists traveling by ferryboat to Isla Nublar, where an operational amusement park known as (what else?) "Jurassic World" is located.

  • We get to glimpse some of the dinosaur-based attractions at "Jurassic World", which include the Gyrosphere mentioned in the park map and brochure props created for the film.

  • A Great White Shark is shown being fed to a large aquatic dinosaur, to the delight of onlooking park guests.

  • Some dinosaur - presumably the confirmed "new dinosaur" engineered by the park's scientists (which includes Bryce Dallas Howard's character, who appears briefly in the trailer) - gets loose, resulting in a quick montage of the chaos that ensues.

  • The trailer concludes with Chris Pratt's character, a dinosaur handler, revealing that he has muzzled (and tamed) Velociraptors, whom he employs to help track down and recapture the renegade creature.

Jurassic World story details

Now, if some of these Jurassic World details sound familiar, that's because you remember reading them as part of a larger plot breakdown for the film that leaked online back in 2013. The shark-as-dino-snack and trained raptors were specifically mentioned in that breakdown, so this trailer footage description - assuming that it is, in fact, accurate - lends more credibility to that older report (and vice versa).

Mind you, those plot details were supposedly taken from the script draft that did not include the revisions made by Jurassic World screenwriter Derek Connelly and director Colin Trevorrow. The latter, over the past year, has done a solid job of convincing fans that he has a vision for the future of the Jurassic Park franchise - one that he appears to be quite confident about no less - and that Jurassic World is shaping up to be a step in the right direction to realize that vision.

If these trailer details are correct, then you count us as being all the more intrigued (and maybe a little concerned, naturally) to learn just how well these pieces of Jurassic World work together, once in play. Of course, be sure and let us know what you make of them, in the comments section below.

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Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Jurassic

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