3 New 'Jurassic World' Posters; Trailer #2 On Monday [UPDATED]

Indominus Rex attacks in Jurassic World

[UPDATE: Two more Jurassic World posters have dropped!]

[UPDATE #2: The second Jurassic World trailer has arrived!]


Jurassic World is perhaps one of the 2015 Summer Movie Season's wild cards, as far as its quality (or lack thereof) goes. Awareness is very high for the new Jurassic Park franchise installment, yet the general opinion is mixed where it concerns what's been shown and revealed about co-writer/director Colin Trevorrow's sci-fi action/thriller thus far - be it the human characters, the new twists to the Jurassic Park mythos, or the addition of a genetically-engineered hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus Rex.

The "new Rex," as featured in the latest Jurassic World poster, is created in order to boost the attendance numbers for the eponymous dinosaur theme park - a realization of the late John Hammond's dream from twenty years ago. Jurassic World's top-notch security forces quickly learn that controlling the Indominus Rex is easier said than done, as the dino soon breaks loose and starts wreaking havoc (something that has a domino effect and results in other dinosaurs getting unleashed on the park's visitors).

Previous Jurassic World previews, like the film's 2015 Super Bowl promo, have built up Indominus Rex as being the Jurassic Park series equivalent of a serial killer villain - with Chris Pratt (playing dinosaur expert/wrangler Owen) warning that she's "killing for sport." However, it won't be long until we learn more about how exactly the Indominus Rex operates, as well as the film's human characters and what day to day life is like in Jurassic World - as Trevorrow has confirmed that a new trailer is coming soon.

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