SR Pick: Jurassic World Gets the Sweded Trailer Treatment

After an incredible summer at the box office, Jurassic World is currently the biggest film of 2015, and the third highest grossing film of all time. The movie will get its home video release this week (October 20 for U.S and Canada), and sales are also expected to be high.

On the back of the continuing success of the franchise, a fifth Jurassic instalment has been ordered, with a 2018 release date set and stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt already signed on. It’s no surprise that a film of this calibre attracts fans wanting to recreate their own take on the dino-adventure, and Matthew Potter has done just that with his Jurassic World sweded trailer, which he made on a budget of just £50. Watch it, above.

The recreation and attention to detail is just startling in this Jurassic World fan-trailer. It’s easy to see that no expense has been spared in the special effects department. One could almost forget they were watching grown men dressed up as dinosaurs, or Potter himself pedalling a tricycle in an effort to outrun the Indominus Rex. Similarly, the Mosasaurus is incredibly lifelike (possibly because it’s a hand wearing a sock) and the Velociraptors will take your breath away. It’s almost impossible to believe they managed to also squeeze a gyrosphere ride into the budget too.

All joking aside, if you watch the side by side comparison between the Jurassic World Sweded and real trailers, you will notice Potter has actually recreated each scene as it falls in the trailer; it’s just that Claire Dearing has grown a beard, as has her nephew, Gray. It’s a smart, clever Swed trailer, though Potter takes pains to point out that it’s not a true Swed, since it uses the instrumental music from the official trailer. Still, we’re happy to let that slide in favor of enjoying this brilliantly funny take on one of the biggest films of all time.

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Jurassic World will be released in the U.S. on Blu-ray and DVD on October 20th, 2015.

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