'Jurassic World' Set Videos: Welcome Back to 'Jurassic Park'

In new 'Jurassic World' set visit videos, director Colin Trevorrow and stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt discuss the 'Jurassic Park' film.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow offers filming details

In case you missed it, the Jurassic Park franchise is coming to be making a return to theaters next year, with the fourth entry in the sci-fi/horror/adventure movie property, Jurassic World. As you can see in the video embedded above, Today got to pay a visit to the film's set - and while most of that material is exactly the sort of fluff you would expect, there are some tidbits worth highlighting.

For example, here Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow calls attention to just how involved Steven Spielberg is with this installment in the movie series he helped found - as Spielberg not only hand-picked Trevorrow for the director job, he's also been a creative contributor throughout pre-production and production alike.

It's a good strategy, at least in theory; Trevorrow brings a fresh perspective to a twenty-year old brand that, frankly, could use some new ideas, while Spielberg has decades worth of experience and film knowledge that he can pass on down to Trevorrow, even as the latter tries to swim from the indie filmmaking side to the blockbuster portion of the pool (following his debut with Safety Not Guaranteed).

In the aforementioned Today video, human stars Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) also provide a succinct, but accurate summation of what Jurassic World is about: there's an operational Jurassic Park in the present-day, but it no longer wows the general public like it once could manage - and so, the park's researchers and scientists (including, Howard's character), attempt to engineer an "attraction" (read: dinosaur) that's bigger and badder than anything else. As Pratt wryly puts it, "You're never gonna believe it, but it doesn't go well."

Here is that look at the Jurassic World gift shop, teased at the end of the above Today video:

Here, Howard also likens the original Jurassic Park film as being to her generation what the very first Star Wars movie was to an older generation (such as her parents) - a sentiment that echoes what Jurassic World costar Jake Johnson said about the first Jurassic Park movie in a prior interview. That's a useful marketing line for promoting this new installment, of course, but that doesn't mean there isn't some real truth to that claim, either - and that also explains why there's so much interest and mixed feelings (excitement, dread, both) for a new chapter in a franchise that turns 22 next year.

Nonetheless, the question of whether or not this new film will resonate with a younger generation that's been weaned on the sort of spectacle offered by contemporary blockbuster series (Marvel Studios releases, Transformers movies, etc.), is one that remains to be answered, for better or worse. Feel free and let us know what you think about that issue - or any concerns you have about Jurassic World, for that matter - in the comments section.


Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Today

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