'Jurassic World' Official Poster Teases Jurassic Park Re-Opening

Jurassic World Header (Official)

With the interwebs flooded with talk of superheroes and lightsabers every day, it sometimes gets hard to remember that 2015 will bring us plenty of other big-name film properties - one of them being Jurassic World.

By the time the film (the fourth in the series) hits theaters, it will have been 22 years since audiences first saw director Steven Spielberg bring dinosaurs back to life on the big screen - and now director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guranteed) leads a big cast - headlined by Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt - in an attempt to tell a story that recaptures the iconic feel of Jurassic Park, yet manages to give us something new and different, as well.

Trevorrow himself tweeted out the image of the official poster [CLICK TO ENLARGE]:

Jurassic World Poster (Official)

Now compare to the original teaser one-sheet for Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park Teaser Poster

See? Something iconically familiar presented new and slightly differently - as if this poster was to say, "Look, it's going to be in real 3D now!"

That 'iconic but new' theme runs through both the leaked description of the upcoming trailer - and the larger plot synopsis that was floating around the rumor mill last year. Supposedly, in this new tale Jurassic Park (now "World") is open and fully functional - with staff (like Chris Pratt's dino-tamer) who have dinosaurs trained like pets.

The problem once again occurs when scientists (including Bryce Dallas Howard) engineer a new type of dinosaur - one with heightened intelligence - gets loose and begins wreaking havoc around the park. Cue the hunt, with the allegiances between man and dinos all blurred or what not...

Jurassic World new dinosaur image

If Trevorrow and Co. pull it off, this could indeed return us to the fun and fright of Jurassic Park, with some new dinosaur characters we could also come to know and love. What's not to like in that scenario?

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 Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Colin Trevorrow

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