The first Jurassic Park movie in over 13 years is inching closer and closer; Jurassic World, the much-anticipated fourth movie in the franchise is due out on June 12th 2015. Set to take place 22 years after the end of the first Jurassic Park, and starring a vast lineup of stars headed by Chris Pratt, the movie is set in the now completed and fully-functional dinosaur theme park as imagined by John Hammond, the original mastermind in the 1993 franchise debut.

This week saw the debut of a new Twitter account, @jurassicp2k15, boasting some choice shots of the fictional attraction’s brochure and a detailed map of the theme park. Whether these photos are leaked without the consent of the studio, or are a perfectly timed attempt at viral marketing, the images are adding to the fervor for one of the more anticipated movies of next summer’s season. Check them out, below:

Jurassic World Jurassic Park Map Jurassic World: New Park Map & Brochure Images Tease Dino Attractions

As is clear from the tweets, the brochure is fully realized and well imagined. If we can take any of it to heart, then the upcoming film will be full of plenty of new reptiles for our wonder and awe, but also a smattering old familiars like stegosaurus and pteranodon and apatosaurus – which is what the brontosaurus used to be called, before science came along and ruined our childhoods.

But the real treat comes from the list of rides and attractions. Sure, there’s a golf course with on-site catering, and a bamboo forest that no self-respecting dinosaur enthusiast would bother to enter – but there’s also mention of a rolling gyrosphere, a live feeding show, and a T-Rex Kingdom – the descriptions of which are all wryly punctuated with lines like ‘may be disturbing for small children’ and ‘must be fit enough to navigate your way down our river.’ There is an icon on the legend for medical help, but no instances of triage anywhere on the map. This all serves to give the brochure a nice dark overtone; if these rides are dangerous and scary when the park is running flawlessly, we can’t wait to see what happens to them when whatever ruins everything goes down.

jurassic world new dinosaur image 620x370 Jurassic World: New Park Map & Brochure Images Tease Dino Attractions

The brochure is capped off with the park’s list of verboten activities on the back. It reads: “Please do not tap on the glass, cross barriers, throw anything into the exhibits, make excessive noise, tease or call out to the animals.” We are fairly sure that every single one of these will happen several times over the course of the film, and none of it will end well.

Where the first Jurassic Park astounded its audiences with the life-like (for the time) mix of animatronic and computer-generated dinosaurs, and the kind of sweeping soundtrack that still makes you cry just a little bit on the inside, the two subsequent films never quite measured up to that same high mark. But with these teases of the brochure there is a little of that old magic that endeared us to the original. The designer of the fake pamphlet borrowed some graphic elements from the actual Universal Studios theme park map and they work beautifully. The icon design, the areas of interest the legend, they all smack of an actual, useful guide through an actual real-life theme park. We know it’s not real, but it’s as close to real as we’re going to get. Which was a sentiment the original Jurassic Park had in spades.

Jurassic World Comic Con SDCC 2014 Jurassic World: New Park Map & Brochure Images Tease Dino Attractions

One of the most striking aspects of the brochure has nothing to do with the attractions, but everything to do with the films long list of sponsors. All through the tweets are subtle (or not so subtle) glimpses of product and brand logos. From Samsung, to Coca-Cola to FedEx and even Starbucks, we can be sure that the movie is going to be as much of an advertisement as this series of candid shots seems to be. But the vast majority of movie goers will probably be okay with this, so long as the t-rex looks fantastic, the velociraptors are still smarter than the scientists, and someone gets gored to death on that golf course.

Jurassic World will be released by Universal on June 12th, 2015 in 2-D, 3-D and IMax.

Stay Tuned for reveals from the movie to come during Comic-Con 2014, which takes place from July 24th – 27th.

Source: Twitter

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