'Jurassic World' Trailer #2: It's Not About Control

Jurassic World poster with Chris Pratt and Raptors

65 million 22 years in the making, Jurassic World is speeding toward theaters for the summer 2015 blockbuster season. In a year when fans will be treated to the return of classic film series Star Wars, Mad Max, and The Terminator, in addition to high profile superhero fare The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fantastic Four, and Ant-Man, for many moviegoers Colin Trevorrow's return to Jurassic Park remains at the top of their viewing list.

Back in 1993, Steven Spielberg's dino DNA film was an evolutionary leap forward in CGI visuals but, even two decades later, the film still holds-up - thanks to a mix of memorable scenes, convincing special effects, and all-around fun (not to mention quotable characters) - making it all the more challenging for Trevorrow to revive the franchise. Now, less than two months before the film's release, fans are getting another sneak peek at what waits behind the Jurassic World gates - with an all new, and more revealing, trailer.

Even if Trevorrow can never supersede Jurassic Park, based on the latest full length Jurassic World trailer, the filmmaker appears to have (at the very least) delivered an entertaining thriller - with dinosaurs. Much like the initial "The Park is Open" teaser, the second trailer offers plenty of reverence to the series' past - while also pushing the franchise forward into a bold new direction.

Of course, the biggest star of the new trailer is the film's malevolent dino-hybrid Indominus Rex - a man-made reptilian cocktail that includes T-Rex, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Rugops, and Majungasaurus DNA. The dinosaur was featured in the original trailer but mostly obscured by fast-moving action and close-ups. Since that time, expectant moviegoers have been treated to other glimpses at Indominus Rex, most recently in a new poster for the film; nevertheless, the new trailer provides a much better sense of the dino-hybrid - with clear shots of the creature in motion.

Jurassic World poster with Bryce Dallas Howard and Indominus Rex

Earlier trailers were criticized for clunky looking CGI environments (and dinosaurs) and while the Super Bowl XLIX trailer showed signs of improvement, the latest preview makes it clear that fans don't need to worry: Jurassic World's SFX team may have created the most realistic looking dinosaurs to date. Developing an entirely new creature is always intriguing but subtle improvements to established dinosaur stars, like the Velociraptors and T-Rex, also contribute to making Jurassic World and its inhabitants even more believable (and scary).

Most importantly, the new trailer also provides more context for the main human characters that viewers will be following through the film - most notably Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), park operations manager and representative of Masrani Global Corporation, as well as Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Jurassic World's raptor wrangler. Whereas Pratt (and the larger film) have been criticized for Owen's stern depiction, the new trailer makes it clear the dinosaur expert has very good reasons to be grumpy - Dearing commissioned the creation of Indominus Rex and now innocent people are dying.

Owen and his "Raptor Squad" are featured in the most recent Jurassic World poster release, included below:


Jurassic World - Raptor Squad Poster

New footage also reveals that Owen isn't a Robert Muldoon copy (read: a perpetual stick in the mud) and, in spite of the dire circumstances surrounding him, will allow room for Pratt's charm to shine through - even if Owen is still thorny compared to Andy Dwyer and Peter Quill.

That all said, with the new trailer, Jurassic World marketing has shifted from teasing to telling - and die-hard fans who are attempting to avoid further spoilers for the film should probably be extra careful in the coming months. The original Jurassic Park may have been able to get moviegoers into theater seats on its premise and promise of CGI spectacle alone. However, since CGI dinosaurs are more commonplace in film these days, Universal Pictures (much like Masrani Global) isn't showing quite as much restraint this time around.

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Jurassic World was 65 million 22 years in the making and opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

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