Marvel Studios Congratulates 'Jurassic World' on Box Office Record

Jurassic World logo (review)

The folks behind Universal's Jurassic World are no doubt busy popping bottles of champagne over the film's incredible success. In its first weekend, director Colin Trevorrow's return to Isla Nublar set a new global record, earning more than $500 million worldwide. In addition, the film also earned an astounding $209 million stateside, narrowly stealing the U.S. box office record from Marvel's The Avengers.

For years, Marvel has released one hit film after another, from the first Iron Man to last month's Avengers: Age of Ultron. So while the studio could easily be bitter that one of their films has lost bragging rights to the team over at Jurassic World, it looks like Marvel is taking the high ground on this one.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has already taken to Twitter in response to the news of Jurassic World's weekend box office record-breaking total, and his response is just as respectful as it is playful. See his tweet below:

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