Check Out What Jurassic World's Indominous Rex Nearly Looked Like

Newly released concept art from Jurassic World reveals that the Indominus Rex hybrid dinosaur could have looked very different. The powerful, intelligent beast made its debut in the 2015 megahit, wreaking havoc on the very people who created it. The freakish Indominus eventually led a stunned Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to declare, "That thing out there? That's no dinosaur."

InGen and the Masrani Corporation learned quickly in Jurassic World that they went too far with Indominus. The finished product of the hybrid creation heavily resembled the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, only with much longer arms and larger claws to go with its grayish scales and camouflage abilities. However, it turns out that one early design for the monster was a sharp visual contrast to what ended up on screen.

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You can check out the Indominus Rex artwork via the ArtStation page for Ian Joyner, one of Jurassic World's credited concept artists. The art depicts a dinosaur that still resembles a T-Rex, but one with a yellowjacket-like striped pattern and longer, sharper spikes along its spine and elbows. It also has much smaller arms and claws than the final version of Indominus, but they are still enlarged.

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Jurassic World - Indominus Rex Explosion

Labs at Jurassic World originally created Indominus as a fresh attraction beyond the boring old T-Rex to draw more visitors. But regardless of how cool it looked, it was clear that the creature would be too powerful and dangerous for the park to contain. It appears that InGen and Masrani haven't learned from their lessons in 2018's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which has teased the appearance of a new dinosaur - that is, if Indominus didn't survive.

Speculation on other recent photos suggests that there may be a new hybrid dinosaur in J.A. Bayona's Jurassic World follow-up, perhaps one that more closely resembles a velociraptor than a T-Rex. If it still looks like T-Rex then Joyner's early concept art would have been a good source; it's incredibly detailed, arguably a much more complex design than what ended up in the final cut. The timing of Joyner's release of the concept art is somewhat peculiar, but likely unrelated to any designs that will be seen in Fallen Kingdom.

Joyner is not known to be working on any art related to the sequel, so it's unlikely that his Indominus concept had any effect on any future artwork for the franchise. It's curious that Joyner's striking design was so far from the more muted final look of Indominus in Jurassic World. There could be a Fallen Kingdom trailer in November, but there's still little known about the new film; it remains to be seen whether it will evolve visually with its new monsters.

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Source: Ian Joyner

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