'Jurassic World' Images Reveal Hybrid Dinosaur Indominus Rex

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[Warning: Turn back now to avoid seeing what the Indominus Rex looks like.]


Like many of Steven Spielberg's adventure movies, Jurassic Park managed to be a lot of fun while also scaring the pants off kids (and probably some adults) with scenes of the towering T-Rex hunting the characters in a heavy rainstorm and intelligent velociraptors stalking a pair of children through a kitchen, acting more like Jason Voorhees than hungry reptiles.

Jurassic Park had its friendly herbivores as well, of course, but apparently the owners of the revamped Isla Nublar theme park Jurassic World have decided that the threat of being horribly eviscerated is what really makes the dollars roll in. The upcoming sequel from Colin Trevorrow will feature a new hybrid dinosaur that combines the deadliest traits of several others to create a perfect predator. As Chris Pratt's character said in the trailer: "Probably not a good idea."

The name of the hybrid dinosaur seemed to be flip-flopping between "Indominus Rex" and "Diabolus Rex" for a while, since Universal registered both as trademarks, but a recent toy listing semi-confirmed that Indominus Rex won out. What the dinosaur looks like is another matter, but Trevorrow has given assurances that "hybrid" doesn't equal "freakish mutant mix 'n' match dinosaur."

The hybrid dinosaur was deliberately not shown in the trailer in order to build up hype for its reveal, but this is arguably not the best approach since too much build-up can lead to disappointment when the creature is eventually shown. Now that reveal has come a little earlier than planned, as a leaked image has appeared on Imgur showing Jurassic World merchandise with pictures of the Indominus Rex, amongst other dinosaurs.

Here's our scaly new antagonist.

Jurassic World Indominus Rex 1
Jurassic World Indominus Rex 2

Well, it's a dinosaur.

The images don't offer an exact idea of scale, but the Indominus Rex looks like it has attributes from both the raptors and the T-Rex. Its grey skin looks very tough and between the spines on its back and the area on the back of its neck that looks almost armor plated, it appears as though some of the defensive traits of herbivores like stegosaurus and triceratops might have been incorporated into the beast. Presumably the red eyes are just there because the scientists wanted their creation to look rad.

While some might argue that this hybrid dinosaur looks boring, it's actually cooler to see various traits incorporated in a subtle way; and what is really going to sell it is its personality and the way that it's used in the story. With those nasty hooked claws the Indominus Rex looks like an efficient killing machine, and its forelegs have more reach than a T-Rex's.

Are you impressed or disappointed by this design? Share your thoughts on the Indominus Rex in the comments.

Jurassic World will be in theaters June 12, 2015.

Source: Imgur (via Scoopla Movies)

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