Will 'Jurassic World' Feature Multiple Hybrid Dinosaurs? [UPDATED]

Jurassic World Stegoceratops toy

UPDATE: After our visit to Toy Fair 2015 We can confirm that Hasbro released the Stegoceratops as a toy line EXCLUSIVE. It is NOT a hybrid dinosaur in the film.


The wreckage has been cleared, the bodies have been buried, and the world's most dangerous theme park has been rebranded as Jurassic World - a fully-functioning zoo filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs that's open to the eager public. As a bonus hook, the scientists of Jurassic World have used their infernal powers to create at least one hybrid dinosaur, because apparently the regular ones weren't deadly enough.

Indominus Rex is the main hybrid dinosaur of the movie, bearing a close resemblance to the T-Rex but also featuring a blend of traits from other carnivorous species to create "the most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed at Jurassic World." It can reach speeds of up to (and possibly over) 30mph with a roar estimated to reach 160 decibels, according to the brochures.


Did the scientists stop at one hybrid dinosaur, though, or are there more lurking behind the fences of Jurassic World? Last month a set of toy listings that offered the first look at Indominus Rex also listed a dinosaur called "Stegoceratops" among the "Bashers and Biters" collection of tie-in toys, and now the first image of the hybrid dinosaur action figure has appeared on retail site Wind Designs. The above image shows a wounded version of the creature with "JW" branded on its leg, which is presumably a tattoo that the Stegoceratops got to signify her love for John Williams.

If the Stegoceratops is actually in Jurassic World and not just a concept that was created for the toy line, this would mark the second time that the creature has been seen in a movie. The first time was in the 1983 caveman sci-fi action film Yor, the Hunter From the Future, in which the hero battles a dinosaur with the head of a Triceratops, the spines of a Stegosaurus, and the ferociousness of a honey badger.

Based on what's been shown in the trailers, it's probably more likely that the Stegoceratops won't actually be in the movie and has just been created for Hasbro's toy collection. From what we know of Jurassic World's plot, it seems like the Indominus Rex is the Hammond Creation Lab's first attempt at creating a hybrid dinosaur, making it unique in that respect, so throwing in other hybrid dinosaurs could end up distracting from the allure of the Indominus.

That's not to say that the Stegoceratops won't be referenced in any way - perhaps it will be brought up as one of a number of future hybrids that the scientists are planning to create if the Indominus is a hit. But as cool as it would be to see another Stegoceratops fight scene, it's probably best to keep the focus on the main villain of the movie.

Jurassic World opens its doors on June 12th, 2015.

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