'Jurassic World' To Premiere On FX In Fall 2017

Jurassic World to premiere on FX in 2017

Jurassic World has only been in theaters a few days (at the time of writing this), but the film has already smashed multiple box office records. Co-writer/director Colin Trevorrorow's sequel/reboot - starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, among others - has brought the Jurassic Park franchise back in a big, bad way, re-establishing it as a viable commodity for Universal.

For an entire generation, Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park film was a touchstone of their childhood and the 1993 movie remains a household favorite for many. Now, while we await the studio's inevitable announcement of a fifth entry in the franchise, we have just learned when Jurassic World will be debuting on television.

TVLine is reporting that FX has purchased exclusive rights to air Jurassic World starting in mid-to-late 2017. This move follows suit with the network's continuing mission to scoop up television rights to a number of major studio blockbusters. Case in point, FX also recently purchased the rights to two more of this year's biggest hits in Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2 (both of which, like Jurassic World, are Universal Studios releases that already have follow-ups on the way).

Jurassic World Final Trailer Starring Chris Pratt

Today's age of streaming video and instant access to entertainment may undercut the significance that television premieres for big-screen blockbusters once had, but there's something to be said about the ability to casually flip channels and discover the umpteenth airing of an entertaining film. Certainly, it helps to foster a relationship between the home audience and the movie in question, a connection that has probably played a role in keeping the original Jurassic Park in the public consciousness.

Moreover, FX's purchase of the television rights to Jurassic World (for what we can only assume is an obscenely high price) further validates the film's undeniable success in reinvigorating a brand that had been dormant for 14 years. Although few would accuse the latest Jurassic installment as being up to par to Spielberg's classic first chapter in the series (read our review), it's proven to be a fun watch for many fans of the property - one that will likely become a staple of cable television, welcoming fans new and old to the Jurassic Park franchise, again and again.

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Jurassic World is currently playing in theaters around the world.

Source: TVLine

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