Jurassic World 2: Malcolm Doesn't Want to Save the Dinosaurs

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom finds Ian Malcolm arguing the dinosaurs should be left to their fate on Isla Nublar. Despite Ian Malcolm only playing a supporting role in the original Jurassic Park, he soon emerged as a fan favorite thanks to Jeff Goldblum's quirky performance. Malcolm became the lead character of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where he's manipulated into visiting the island where the first dinosaur clones were raised, and soon has to lead a group of survivors to safety.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom marks the character's first appearance in the series in over 20 years, where he's brought to testify before Congress on the morals of saving the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar before it's destroyed by a volcano. While Malcolm's appearance is only a cameo, Goldblum will play a major role in video game Jurassic World: Evolution, where he will advise players building their very own part.

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Malcolm has never been shy about sharing his opinion on the ethics of mankind resurrecting dinosaurs after nature selected them for extinction, and Goldblum revealed to EW that Fallen Kingdom finds Malcolm arguing against the dinosaur rescue mission:

Anyways, they bring me in front of Congress. They want to know if I have an opinion of the volcano and if we should let the dinosaurs go. I’m like Owen (Pratt) and Claire (Howard) and a deep lover of all living things but you’ve heard me on the subject of the misguided reanimation. As long as a volcano, my best advice as difficult as it is, is that we should let evolution course correct. We have the power to destroy our selves and we need to wise up.

Goldblum also had a lot of fun stepping back into the Malcolm role after such a long period away:

Delightful. I have such a fond memory of working with Steven Spielberg and the casts of the two movies. People seem to get a kick out of my character here and there and I didn’t want to let anyone down. I was thrilled getting another chance at it. My best advice is to keep everyone away and let the volcano do its stuff. But as we know there are other agendas afoot. These people who want to misuse our accomplishments for profit or for cheap entertainment or for militaristic power? Shame on them. We must resist.

While it's disappointing Malcolm will only appear in one scene in Fallen Kingdom, Goldblum has hinted Jurassic World 3 may have bigger roles from him and other familiar Jurassic Park faces. The final trailer for Fallen Kingdom was recently released, with a plot that seems quite similar to The Lost World; right down to a dinosaur escaping into the suburbs and the heroes having to chase after it.

Fans are excited about Malcolm's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom cameo, but while the character has become one of Goldblum's most iconic roles, the actor recently revealed the chaotician was nearly cut from Jurassic Park. Spielberg considered melding the character's traits with Sam Neill's Dr Grant, but thankfully Goldblum was able to argue to keep Malcolm around. Looking at the original movie from a strictly narrative point of view, Malcolm could be cut and very little of the story would change - but the whole movie is a lot more fun thanks to his presence.

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Source: EW

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