'Jurassic World' Exclusive Comic-Con 2014 Teaser Poster

'Jurassic World' gets a new teaser poster that will be handed out exclusively to a lucky few fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Jurassic World comic con header

What should you do if a dinosaur themed tourist attraction gets out of control, resulting in multiple deaths and dinosaurs eventually taking over the island? Build another dinosaur themed tourist attraction on the ruins of the first one, of course, but add a golf course this time around. What could possibly go wrong?

Co-written and directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), Jurassic World will return to Isla Nublar and give it a fresh coat of paint in order to entice holidaymakers to the ultimate live-action dinosaur experience. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer and Vincent D'Onofrio will head up the main cast, and Jurassic World will hit theaters in 2015, which is fast becoming known as the year of the epic sequels.

To whet fans' appetites for more details about Jurassic World at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Trevorrow today revealed an early teaser poster for the movie, designed by artist Mark Englert. This 24x36 artwork will be available at Comic-Con to a "resourceful few," as Trevorrow puts it. There is a run of 500 prints that will be handed out to attendees, but even those who aren't able to attend the convention in person can still have a chance to win some of Englert's Jurassic World artwork.

More on that later, but first: check out this raptor!

Jurassic World Comic Con artwork

For those interested in knowing more about the design of the poster, Englert has a detailed post on his blog that includes early concepts and images of the work in progress, as well as Englert's thought process for creating it. Readers who are paying attention may already have realized that the raptor is standing on the Jeep that fell out of a tree and nearly crushed Dr. Grant and Tim in the first movie. Englert explains that this callback was by no means accidental.

"I wanted to subtly establish the setting, the theme of nature overtaking technology and that a new park with a new story was being built on what had come before... I also just wanted a cool shot of a Raptor."

If you also want a cool shot of a raptor to hang on your wall, text JURASSIC to 834567 in order to receive updates on where to pick up the poster during Comic-Con. For those who aren't able to attend, Englert is also giving away an alternate version of the poster online, and there will be more poster set giveaways on Englert's Facebook group.

If Jurassic World turns out to be everything that fans had hoped for in a sequel then these posters will definitely be worth getting hold of... if you can find one. Happy hunting!


Jurassic World will arrive in theaters on June 12th, 2015. Stay tuned for more reveals during Comic-Con 2014, which takes place from 24th-27th July.

Source: Colin Trevorrow, Mark Englert

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