'Jurassic World' Viral Clip Introduces the Park's Security Forces

Jurassic World viral clip introduces Masrani's Seucrity Initiative

Jurassic World is a semi-continuation of the Jurassic Park movie franchise, in the sense that it introduces a (nearly) entirely different human cast without rebooting the series from scratch in the process. Chris Pratt, for example, is playing a dinosaur wrangler at an up-and-running dinosaur amusement park, while Bryce Dallas Howard is portraying a representative for Masrani Global: the mega-corporation that owns (and runs) the Jurassic World attraction.

A fresh Jurassic World viral marketing clip (see above) introduces another new human character in the film: Vic Hoskins, as played by Vincent D'Onofrio (also playing Kingpin in the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series this year). D'Onofrio was once rumored to be playing a corporate figure, whose greed-motivated actions might contribute to the dino park's security breakdown - basically, the Dennis Nedry of this Jurassic Park film - but as the above clip illustrates, that is not the case (thankfully).

Instead, Hoskins is a key member of Masrani's security initiative, which is responsible for making certain the visitors to Jurassic World are completely safe from the park's giant, formerly prehistoric inhabitants. By all accounts, it would appear that Hoskins and his team are doing a bang-up job of that, at the beginning of the film; it's only once a new (and extremely dangerous) hybrid dinosaur - created to boost interest and the park's attendance numbers - is added to the mix that the trouble begins.

That hybrid dinosaur, known as the Indominus Rex, has been a key component of the marketing for Jurassic World since the very beginning, though so far the creature has not been revealed in full in trailer footage - leaked tie-in toys and merchandise images, admittedly, is another case. Here, however, there's no mention of the beast, as this viral clip is structured as a (fake) PR promotion for Masrani's accomplishments, even outside its work on Jurassic World.

Jurassic World viral clip introduces Masrani's Seucrity Initiative

Feelings in general towards Jurassic World are somewhat on the mixed side right now, even though the overall awareness and/or anticipation levels surrounding this film are much higher by comparison. Basically, there's not yet a majority opinion about whether or not Jurassic World shows potential to be a smart retooling of the Jurassic Park movie property - see the difference in opinion voiced by members of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew, for case in point.

Jurassic World screenwriter Derek Connolly and co-writer/director Colin Trevorrow do appear to be blending some nice homage-paying to previous Jurassic Park installments and careful world-building meant to keep the series moving forward. When you combine that with a solid human cast, there does seem to be (if nothing else) potential for a quality dinosaur adventure here.

Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

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