'Jurassic World' Clips: When the Indominus Rex Attacks

Indominus rex about to eat some guy

Director Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World returns to the universe of Steven Spielberg's seminal blockbuster Jurassic Park (while largely ignoring the first two sequels). The film opens in less than a week, which means the marketing onslaught is entering its overdrive end-run as Universal banks on multiple clips and featurettes helping push the reboot past that projected $100 million opening weekend mark.

While recent remarks by The Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon spurred controversy surrounding the perceived "sexist" nature of the relationship between the characters played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, the actress recently reinforced her director's assertion that the whole thing was taken out of context.

In fact, Howard's character - Jurassic World's operations manager Claire Dearing - is actually the protagonist of the film, but when it comes to selling the escaped-dinosaur adventure which drives Jurassic World's plot, the movie's trailers have placed Pratt's velociraptor wrangler Owen Grady front and center. Now we have five more clips featuring the park's dangerous giant death lizards. Watch the clips above, via Collider.

'Jurassic World' - Owen and the raptors

While we've seen much of this footage in some form or another, these clips do provide a longer look at some key moments from the trailers. We have InGen corporate overlord Simon Masrani's (Irrfan Khan) reaction to his first glimpse of the horrifying new park attraction, the Indominus Rex; Owen stares down his velociraptors in an exciting extended look at the face off featured prominently in all the trailers; Pratt runs for his life from the Indominus and its disturbingly long talons; we finally spend some time with Ty Simpkins' character, (who is apparently a genius) as he and his brother encounter some ankylosaurs before meeting the Indominus in a scene which recalls the original film's introduction to the T-Rex; the boys are then forced to leap off a waterfall as the hybrid dino snaps at them.

There have been plenty of callbacks to the original Jurassic Park featured in the various trailers, and the more footage we see, the more obvious it becomes that director and co-writer Colin Trevorrow has every intention of stirring up the nostalgia of the original film's fans at every available opportunity. Pratt's character is given a new dimension as well: he clearly sees the raptors as simply animals whose trust he has won, so what happens if he's forced to turn on them? As history has proven, velociraptors are not to be trifled with.

Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Collider

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