Chris Pratt Debunks Jurassic World Fan Theory

Chris Pratt debunks a popular Jurassic World fan theory concerning his character Owen Grady that connected him to Jurassic Park. When it comes to iconic blockbusters of the 1990s, few stand taller in pop culture history than Steven Spielberg's classic dinosaur adventure Jurassic Park. One of the prolifically successful director's most beloved films of all-time, Jurassic Park dazzled moviegoers with exciting action scenes, likeable characters, and dino special effects so good that they still hold up all these years later.

While financially successful, neither of Jurassic Park's initial sequels managed to strike a chord with audiences in a way even close to what the original film had accomplished, and the franchise went dormant for nearly 15 years. That of course changed in 2015, with the arrival of director Colin Trevorrow belated sequel/soft reboot Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Jurassic World proved to be a massive hit with both critics and fans, earning nearly $1.7 billion worldwide, and coming in second only to Star Wars: The Force Awakens for 2015 box office.

As one might imagine, Jurassic World contained a treasure trove of nods and connections to Spielberg's original classic, including the crowd-pleasing appearance of a certain battle-tested T. Rex. However, some fans opted to try to create connections between the two films that weren't readily apparent, such as a popular fan theory asserting that Pratt's Owen Grady character was in fact the grown-up version of the disrespectful kid that Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) menaces with a raptor claw near the beginning of Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, Pratt has now taken it upon himself to squash that theory, during a recent interview with The Huffington Post.

“I have heard about that. I don’t see it as being true. It’s sweet though. And I love that kid, and I love the idea of that possibility, but I do officially say, as the bastion of Owen’s backstory, but not the creator of the character, that’s not true. It’d be cooler if it was."

Jurassic World Pratt

Well, Pratt's answer seems to pretty decisively kill that theory, which was actually pretty plausible, at least as far as internet fan theories go. The ages of the two characters line up, and following Grant's terrifying lecture about showing raptors more respect, it would make sense that that kid might grow up to become raptor trainer Owen, who seems to have more respect for the animals than anyone else at the Jurassic World park.

Still, while that particular guess might have been incorrect, it'll be interesting to see if next year's Jurassic World 2 decides to reveal more information about Owen's life prior to his time working with dinos, which was barely touched on in the last movie. Granted, there really isn't much time to go down memory lane when one is being chased by murderous carnivores.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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