The Dinosaurs Should Win in Jurassic World 3

Jurassic World 2 Sets Up A Human-Dinosaur Evolutionary War

From the outset, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom warns of the consequences of the human's actions against the dinosaurs. At a congressional hearing to decide whether the creatures should be saved from extinction, Ian Malcolm says that in bringing the dinosaurs back from extinction, we have opened up the doors to death. To save them a second time is to cheat nature, and if the humans choose to do that, they risk unleashing chaos. Malcolm wants nature to take its course while Claire, Owen, Zia and Franklin believe the only humane option is to save the dinosaurs.

Our heroes represent compassion, mirrored in the brachiosaurus' death, and Blue's high-level intelligence - but they're clearly in a minority. In Jurassic World 2, we become aware just how far humans are willing to push the boundaries of ethics, life, and death. Not only is there another hybrid creation in the Indoraptor, there's also a human clone, Maisie, created from the DNA of Benjamin Lockwood's dead daughter and raised, unknowingly, as his granddaughter. It is Maisie who ultimately releases all of the dinosaurs into the great outdoors, showing further the unpredictability of artificial creation. She can identify with them and embodies the question of life rights.

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With the dinosaurs escaping into the night, a new era begins to dawn, where humans and dinosaurs must either learn to live harmoniously side-by-side, or fight it out to the death. With most dinosaurs natural instinct being to kill humans, and humans being obsessed with pushing boundaries of science and nature, there can only be one outcome; this is now an evolutionary war.

Dinosaurs Should Win The Jurassic War

In the Jurassic World movies, humans have already shown they hold little regard for nature or the laws of the land. By bringing the dinosaurs back for the second time, they've exerted their power over the creation of life, but also shown what little regard they have for death. Dinosaurs went extinct for a reason; an evolutionary process that was not ever meant to be reversed.

What's going to happen now that the dinosaurs are entering urbanized areas? The carnivore breeds will act ruthlessly; just look at the damage one T-Rex did to San Diego in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Then there's the constant threat of development. There are no hybrid dinosaurs in Jurassic World 3, but there's still the notion of weaponizing the dinosaurs and turning them into war machines. It's a clear good/bad divide set up, and returning the animals to dominance - as Malcolm warns - is the most satisfying solution.


Humanity brought the dinosaurs back, with no thought to whether it was right to do so. It stands to reason, then, that a species that is older and more powerful than our own should reign on earth long after we have gone. In Jurassic World 3, if the dinosaurs fight back it's no more than humans deserve.

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