Jurassic World 2 Trailer Footage Doesn't Spoil the Ending

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Appearances to the contrary, the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer doesn't reveal the ending of the film, according to Colin Trevorrow. The Trevorrow-directed Jurassic World played it safe in the eyes of some. But, the $1.6 billion haul at the box office proved it didn't matter. Still, with Trevorrow off to direct Star Wars: Episode IX (a project he's since left), J.A. Bayona stepped in to tackle the sequel. Following a rather optimistic ending though, it wasn't exactly clear what the Jurassic World sequel would focus on.

The first Fallen Kingdom trailer has provided answers to a number of questions surrounding the film. However, some fans have fairly expressed concern that the trailer has given away too much. The movie will focus on getting dinosaurs off Isla Nublar as an erupting volcano puts everyone in danger. Seeing as the movie's trailer shows the volcano exploding, it begs the question: has the ending to Fallen Kingdom already been spoiled?

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Trevorrow is now offering fans assurances that this isn't the case at all. The filmmaker has been heavily involved with the sequel (serving as its co-writer and producer), despite having passed on directing. For those concerned that the first Fallen Kingdom trailer gave too much away, Trevorrow told his followers on Twitter that all the footage in the trailer was taken from the first 57 minutes of the movie (read: the first half of Fallen Kingdom).

It is great to see Trevorrow reaching out and responding to concerns about the Fallen Kingdom trailer. He hasn't addressed every concern that people have had with it, but knowing that there is more to come is reassuring. The synopsis released along with the trailer indicates a major conspiracy figured into the movie's plot somehow. Based on Trevorrow's comments, this could be the larger focus of the film and not the volcano explosion. If that's the case, then it will be interesting to see how many dinosaurs manage to survive the explosion, along with the film's human players. Isla Nublar should largely be in shambles after the eruption, begging the question of where things will go from there.

One of the final shots of the trailer has Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Justice Smith's character plunging into the water. All around them, dinosaurs are falling in as they try to escape. Will the second half of Fallen Kingdom journey to another island? Will the heroes and dinosaurs find dry land somewhere else? This could parallel The Lost World: Jurassic Park if they go stateside. Whatever the case may be, fans at least know they haven't seen it all. But for now, they'll have to wait to see if the other parts of the movie are eventually shown in subsequent trailers.

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Source: Colin Trevorrow

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