Jurassic World 2 First Look: Chris Pratt Makes a New Friend

Owen (Chris Pratt) makes friends with a tiny dinosaur in the first footage from the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

From our Jurassic family to yours. @FilmBayona @PrattPrattPratt @BryceDHoward @LeDoctor #FALLENKINGDOM

— Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow) November 22, 2017

UPDATE: You can now read the official synopsis, watch the Jurassic World 2 trailer & check out the trailer breakdown & reveals!

Chris Pratt's Owen Grady makes friends with a young dinosaur in the first footage from the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The first proper trailer for the Jurassic World sequel is right around the corner and is slated to begin screening in U.S. theaters with select prints of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi next month. As an early Thanksgiving treat it seems, Colin Trevorrow has gone ahead and unveiled the first public footage from the film online, in the form of a short clip.

Fallen Kingdom picks up sometime in the aftermath of Jurassic World, though plot details beyond that are being kept under-wraps ahead of the sequel's trailer launch. Pratt will be joined by his Jurassic World costar Bryce Dallas Howard in the followup, which Trevorrow cowrote and produced but did not direct, having passed that job over to J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls) instead. Fallen Kingdom's supporting cast will include several newcomers to the larger Jurassic Park/World franchise, along with some familiar faces - perhaps most noteworthy of all, Jeff Goldblum back in the role of the eccentric chaotician Ian Malcolm.

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Trevorrow posted the first Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom footage to his Twitter account (see the video in the space above), along with the message "From our Jurassic family to yours." The clip only runs a few seconds long and shows Pratt as Owen, playing with what appears to be a young Velociraptor, not unlike the ones that the character trained and bonded with during the first Jurassic World installment.

The friendship between Owen and the Jurassic World amusement park's velociraptors (in particular, Blue) was a key element in the first Jurassic World movie, so it's only natural that Fallen Kingdom pick up and continue to develop that plot thread in some fashion. The footage in the clip that Trevorrow shared is clearly unpolished (CGI dinosaurs aside) and doesn't seem like something that has been lifted from the actual trailer, so it's possible that this clip was made for promotional purposes only.

Trevorrow, for his part, has offered assurances that Fallen Kingdom will be better than Jurassic World, thanks in no small part to Bayona's involvement as director. The latter filmmaker has demonstrated a knack for combining rich human stories with genre entertainment of the scarier variety, ranging from the natural disaster terror of The Impossible to the supernatural horror of The Orphanage and the real-world fears explored through the imagination (?) of a child in A Monster Calls. There's fair reason to be hopeful that Fallen Kingdom will be both smarter and scarier than its predecessor, for related reasons.

As for the actual plot of Fallen Kingdom, that's open to speculation at the moment and the first footage posted by Trevorrow certainly doesn't offer any clues. The actual trailer for the film should prove more insightful in that respect, revealing more about how exactly the sequel will continue to evolve and expand the themes from the first Jurassic World and the Jurassic Park trilogy that came before it.

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Source: Colin Trevorrow

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