Jurassic World 2's Trailer Has A Dennis Nedry Easter Egg

T-Rex in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is nodding back to the original Jurassic Park with a cool Dennis Nedry easter egg in the film's latest trailer. The fifth movie in the Jurassic franchise looks to be very aware of its lauded history, with returns from the likes of Ian Malcolm and InGen linking directly to the original Jurassic Park, although there are some nods that are a little more subtle than that - including a wink towards Nedry

While Nedry may have come across like a throwaway antagonist in the first film, the entire plot actually hung on his shoulders. Had he never shut down the power in order to evade detection while stealing the frozen dinosaur embryos, the dinosaurs would have never been able to escape containment and everything would have been a tension-free experience. In fact, considering that human ignorance continues to be a running theme in the series, it's fitting that Nedry would earn himself a reference in Fallen Kingdom. The consequences of genetic dabbling have only gotten worse since the first Jurassic Park, but personal greed has proven to be just as catastrophic - so who better to represent that fact than Nedry himself (even if it's only through an article of clothing)?

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That's right, clothing. At the trailer's 1:46 mark, a character can be seen sporting Nedry's trademark yellow raincoat in the middle of a rainstorm - the exact conditions Nedry found himself in moments before a Dilophosaurus attacked and ate him. It's a brief moment, with the shot focused more on the Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing after unknown character - presumably an InGen worker who's really regretting their career choices - but it's a garish Easter egg all the same. And a fitting one: it's likely that he or she is moments away from meeting a similar fate to Nedry in the first film, although not at the hands of the T-Rex.

Mesosaurus in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Rewinding the trailer to the 1:33 mark, there is a scene involving a Mesosaurus launching out of the water to devour a character hanging from a helicopter - a character in the same yellow coat. As far as where this scene takes place in the film, it's difficult to say. The broken monorail suggests it takes place during the first half when the characters are in the process of removing dinosaurs from the island, although given all those scenes have been in daytime during the volcanic eruption, that's not definite.

This yellow coat isn't the only Easter Egg from the first films hidden in the latest Fallen Kingdom trailer. The scene involving the Indoraptor opening the window nods to the reveal that Velociraptors have the ability to open doors on their own, while the shot of the Indoraptor reaching through a set of bars for the young girl may well harken back to Ellie Sattler's "back in business" jump scare. And, of course, the T-Rex stowed away for transport is a fun wink back to The Lost World's final act.

It's not the first time Nedry's been referenced in the Jurassic World series either; his raincoat appeared in the 2015 movie when Zach and Gray discover the old Jurassic Park ruins. It's little more than a glimpse (there are some tattered, yellow raincoats hung up on display in the background), but it proves that the filmmakers helming this new trilogy haven't neglected turning to the past for inspiration.

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