Jurassic World 2 Director 'Good At Creating Scares'

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Director Colin Trevorrow teases about the heightened thrill factor of Jurassic World 2. The filmmaker, who successfully relaunched the iconic science-fiction adventure franchise with new leads in Chris Pratt as Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire in 2015, reveals that sequel helmer J.A. Bayona has such a good grasp of the property that fans can only expect better things for the franchise.

Trevorrow decided to walk away from the opportunity to come back and direct Jurassic World 2 when he was tapped by Disney and Lucasfilm to work on the yet-to-be-titled Star Wars: Episode IX. But he left the project with the very capable Bayona who now has the responsibility to not just continue but live up to the standard that Trevorrow's work has set. That said, Trevorrow is not exactly unattached to the project, he helped in writing the follow-up's story and will also executive produce it.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Trevorrow has nothing but good words to say about his successor. But he is particularly impressed with Bayona's ability to cleverly interject scary beats using the most mundane things and in accordance with the kind of narrative he wants to tell.

"J.A Bayona is very good at [creating scares]. There are things that he'll just do with a shadow, or a rustling curtain on a wall. He's so tapped into that kind of fear, especially the fear through the eyes of child. Which, you know, he and I are just simpatico. We may be the mirrors of each other. It is by far the most satisfying collaboration of my life."

Jurassic World 2 Director JA Bayona with T-Rex puppet

Subsequently, Trevorrow also shared some details in regard to how Jurasssic World 2 will utilize horror and still make the film fun for everybody - including kids.

"First of all I think the mainstream loves being scared, and I think the scares in the first movie were made to make children think like they were seeing something horrifying, that their parents shouldn't be allowing them to see. We have that a little bit here. But there's also that same big, fun adventure, sweeping, romantic kind of action in part of the movie. That people seemingly responded really well to. We're not throwing it all way, but we're definitely going to some new places."

Bayona's ability to smartly use horror is very apparent in his previous films like  2007's The Orphanage, 2012's The Impossible, and last year's A Monster CallsAlthough among all his notable works, the disaster drama film The Impossible has the most similar tropes to the Jurassic franchise with human relationship beats mixed with the thrill of trying to survive a deadly threat.

Aside from supposedly being scarier, Jurassic World 2 is said to also be bigger.  Some scenes of the movie will even be shot in Oahu, Hawaii which presumably where the teased underwater action set piece for the film will take place.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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