'No Plans Yet' For Jurassic World 2 Trailer

Despite recent buzz about a Jurassic World 2 teaser trailer, Universal is confirming that there are 'no plans' to release a teaser just yet.

Moviegoers hoping to see a teaser for next summer's Jurassic World 2 soon are going to have to wait a little longer, as Universal currently has no plans to unveil a trailer just yet. The sequel to 2015's massive blockbuster has been in production since February and has been chugging along ever since. There seems to be a fair amount of principal photography left before director J.A. Bayona closes the book, considering Jeff Goldblum only started filming a few weeks ago and Chris Pratt shared a charity contest to win a trip to the Hawaii set. Fans are curious to see what the creative team has in store, but so far set photos have been the only clues.

Just yesterday, it looked as if official marketing would kick off in some capacity soon, given that a new logo for the film was unveiled during a mini-wrap party for the crew. As it turns out, that was just something special put together to celebrate the occasion and not a sign of more things to come in the near future.

Jurassic Outpost reached out to Universal following social media buzz a trailer would be making its way online soon. The studio confirmed there isn't anything in the cards right now:

“No plans yet for a teaser trailer. Not sure what is being shown at the London wrap party, but it’s not official marketing materials.”

Since Jurassic World 2 is more than a year away (as of this writing), it isn't surprising Universal has kept promotion on the down low for the time being. There's no rush to raise awareness for the tentpole, especially since Bayona is still filming. Obviously, dinosaurs are going to be a key part of advertising, so Universal will probably wait until select visual effects shots are finished in post-production and previews can showcase action set pieces. It's worth remembering the first trailer for the original Jurassic World didn't come out until November 2014. The followup could move along a similar schedule so a teaser can play in front of the big holiday movies like Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Universal still has their summer releases like The Mummy and Despicable Me 3 to push.

When the time comes for the official marketing campaign to begin, it will be interesting to see what is shown. Recently released artwork hinted at the return of the Indominus Rex, who was last seen being dragged to a presumed death in Jurassic World. So far, there's been no word on if that engineered dinosaur will be back terrorizing people, so it's possible the poster chose a generic image to drum up interest. Hopefully, Universal decides to peel back the curtain soon.

Source: Jurassic Outpost

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