Jurassic World 2 Website Domains Offer Plot Hints

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The plot of Jurassic World 2, on the other hand, is mostly under wraps. However, writer Colin Trevorrow previously said that the story of the sequel will address animal abuse issues in regard to the dinosaurs, which is largely uncharted territory for the franchise. A recent report about the production indicates that animal rights will be as significant to the plot as Trevorrow made it sound.

As reported by Jurassic Outpost, NBCUniversal purchased three new web domains on Dec. 15, 2016. All three domains offer subtle hints at the premise of Jurassic World 2 with their names alone: (and .org), and The former strongly alludes to the presence of some form of “dinosaurs’ rights” group as part of the film, while the latter is a reference to Isla Nublar, the home of the theme parks depicted in both Jurassic World and the original Jurassic Park.

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Jurassic Outpost’s Chris Pugh tweeted on Friday that “Isla Nublar Rescue Mission” could hint at Jurassic World 2’s official title, referring to Universal’s “telling move” when it bought the domain name for ”Fate of the Furious.” Still, Pugh finds it “unlikely” that the domain is actually Jurassic World 2’s title. The more likely scenario is that the “Rescue Mission” refers to a plot device, like a fictional organization... or literally just an actual mission.

Jurassic Outpost theorized that the plot of Jurassic World 2 will revolve around the destruction of the park and the dinosaurs inhabiting it, and the ensuing legal and ethical battle that occurs. The report speculates that “Isla Nublar Rescue Mission” refers to a mission to rescue dinosaurs, rather than humans. No matter what the plot turns out to be, Jurassic World 2 is likely to explore complex themes related to the dinosaurs and the humans who created them, rather than take more of a monster movie approach similar to less memorable Jurassic Park sequels. It's an intriguing premise and a refreshing way to approach a movie about captive dinosaurs.

The premise of Jurassic World 2 reportedly took Bryce Dallas Howard by surprise, which means there’s little chance that the sequel will be another run-of-the-mill killer dinosaur flick. Bayona has previously referred to the sequel as a “fun” dinosaur adventure, but has also hinted at political elements playing a major role in the film. The domain names make it clear that Jurassic World 2 will contain political themes, but it won’t be clear exactly what kind of film it wants to be until more new information comes out.

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Source: Jurassic Outpost, Chris Pugh

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