Jurassic World 2 writer and producer Colin Trevorrowr reveals franchise veteran Jeff Goldblum has begun filming his role for the sequel by posting a set photo on social media. Back in 2015, Universal relaunched the popular dinosaur blockbuster series with Jurassic World, which broke box office records en route to a $1.6 billion worldwide haul at the box office, making the development of a followup inevitable. The film will see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return in their leading parts from the first movie, but the biggest casting announcement came a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed Goldblum would reprise Dr. Ian Malcolm after being away from the series for 20 years.

Since the actor is joining the project well into production, it’s thought his part in it will be smaller than his earlier appearances, but it’s nevertheless exciting to see everyone’s favorite mathematician back in action. Just yesterday, we got word Goldblum would be joining director J.A. Bayona and crew on the set soon, and now he’s officially there to teach everyone about chaos theory again.

Trevorrow took to Twitter to share a set photo of Goldblum’s chair, which features the character’s name Ian Malcolm across the back. You can check it out below:

Details about Jurassic World 2 have largely been kept under wraps for the time being, save for small comments here and there about the tone and Bayona’s overall vision for the story. It remains to be seen how Malcolm will fit in, though the actor is promising Ian is still the “saucy, sassy man” he brought to life in the previous movies. Fans will recall during the first Jurassic Park, Malcolm was perhaps the most skeptical of John Hammond’s idea of a dinosaur amusement park, so he’ll probably have some interesting critiques now with all that’s been going on. The scope of the sequel promises to be much larger than just another case of raptors and and a t-rex running amuck on an island, with speculation pointing to the possibility of the genetically engineered creatures being trained for battle purposes. As Malcolm once said, corporations like InGen got so occupied with whether or not they could, they never stopped to think if they should.

One can only hope that Malcolm’s part in Jurassic World 2 doesn’t amount to simply a glorified cameo and he actually has something to do in the main narrative. It would be nice if he shared some scenes with Pratt and Howard, bridging the gap between the franchise’s history and present. Since the film is going to focus on serious issues and tackle the “marvels of science” to explore the human condition, it stands reason to believe Goldblum won’t just be a throwaway character tossed in for the sake of nostalgia.

Source: Colin Trevorrow

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