Jurassic World 2 Image: It Belongs In A Museum


After Jurassic World earned mostly positive reviews and became one of the biggest box office hits of 2015, it was clear Universal would move forth on a sequel. That film, the currently untitled Jurassic World 2, is now in the midst of principal photography ahead of its 2018 release date. Many viewers are curious to see what director J.A. Bayona - helmsman of the acclaimed A Monster Calls - can do with this material, as the filmmaker promises to put a darker spin on the property while still maintaining its sense of fun.

Plot details for Jurassic World 2 have remained under wraps for now, with only rumors and brief teases offering hints. Based on website domain names for the film, it would appear that the movie involves some sort of rescue mission in order to preserve animal (in this case, dinosaur) rights, but that remains to be seen. One thing that can be confirmed now, however, is part of this latest adventure will take place in a dinosaur exhibit at a museum.

Bayona himself shared the first official image from the film, depicting an unknown cast member (it appears to be a young girl) standing in the shadows as she looks at skeletons of various prehistoric creatures. You can check it out for yourself below:

With so little known about Jurassic World 2 at this juncture, it's impossible to tell in what context this particular scene is set. That said, there's no denying it's an eye-catching photo that makes for a nice visual. Based on the lighting, it wouldn't be surprising if this was a tense moment in the final picture, as it looks to be suitably creepy and atmospheric. Bayona has gone on record saying the followup aims to be scarier than its predecessor, so a haunting chase sequence set in a museum location (reminiscent of the original's kitchen scene) could make for a thrilling set piece. Unless there are others behind the girl, she seems to be alone, inherently raising the stakes no matter what else is taking place.


As the fifth installment of the franchise, the hope is Jurassic World 2 can bring fresh ideas to the table to keep the brand viable, allowing the filmmakers to round out their planned trilogy. Star Bryce Dallas Howard said she was pleasantly surprised by the story pitch, so it appears Bayona and co-writers Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly were able to craft a narrative that serves up plenty of substance to complement the expected big screen spectacle Jurassic is known for. The sequel will be one of many anticipated studio tentpoles opening next summer, so it has a tall task ahead if it is to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Fortunately, the pieces are in place for another exciting entry.


Source: J.A. Bayona

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