Jurassic World 2: Every Reveal From The Fallen Kingdom Blu-ray

Eight Puppeteers Were Needed For The T-Rex

The dinosaurs are the undoubted stars of every Jurassic movie, to the point they invade other features. For example, "Aboard the Arcadia" gives a fascinating insight into working with animatronics. Eight people were used to control the T-Rex animatronic on the boat: a person in the back lifts the entire body, one or two people operate the neck, the head is controlled through a radio control system, a puppeteer does the eyes (including making the dinosaur blink), another person looks after the nostrils for breathing, and then a final person operates the jaw. All of that adds up to one scarily realistic T-Rex.

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Chris Pratt Did The T-Rex Jump Himself

Chris Pratt with a T-Rex in Jurassic World 2

That's not the only thing that was real in the T-Rex blood transfusion scene. In a chat between actions called "Fallen Kingdom: The Conversation", Chris Pratt reveals that he did the stunt where he jumps through the mouth of the T-rex in the truck; he wanted it to be him so the scene looked more realistic, rather than having a stuntman do the stunt, drop out of view, and then have him show up at the end.

There Is Another E.T. Easter Egg In Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and ET

In "VFX Evolved", the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom VFX team talk about the cutting-edge approach techniques used to create the film's effects, as well as offering a couple of fun reveals. The team modeled several assets from Maisie's room in order to destroy it in post-production in the scene in which Blue fights the Indoraptor. Undoubtedly a painstaking procedure, it was all worth it to create such a great scene. Best of all though, it's confirmed on the Blu-ray that there is an E.T. toy in Maisie's room along with her other toys, a little Easter egg which is fun to try and spot.

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Maisie's Bedroom Attack Is A Dracula Homage

In the "Monster in a Mansion" featurette, director J.A. Bayona explores the finale sequence in the Lockwood Mansion and its inspirations. He reveals that the scene in which the Indoraptor goes after Maisie Lockwood in her bedroom is a homage to Frank Langella's Dracula. "When I was a kid, one scene that provoked nightmares for months was Frank Langella playing Dracula in John Badham's version, and I remember Frank Langella crawling down and sneaking in through the window upside down. From the moment I read that on the script the Indoraptor is sneaking in through Maisie's window, I thought this is the same idea and I wanted to bring back that fear that I had. That scene is a homage to John Badham and that version of Dracula." Most viewers will agree he achieved that; the scene itself was chilling and especially frightening for younger viewers.

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