Has Jurassic World 2's Original Ending Been Rewritten?

A new image of Bryce Dallas Howard reading the screenplay for Jurassic World 2 seems to indicate that the film's ending has been rewritten. Jurassic World brought new lease of life and a new generation of fans to the Jurassic Park franchise, making over $1.6 billion worldwide. It also solidified Chris Pratt as a bonafide Hollywood star in the wake of his ensemble work on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jurassic World 2 is currently filming in Hawaii. The director of the previous film, Colin Trevorrow, declined to helm the sequel in order to pursue Star Wars: Episode IX. However, he did stay on to produce and write the sequel based on an outline he conceived for a trilogy of the dinosaur films. This time around, J.A. Bayona is behind the camera, and many details on what the Spanish director has in store coming from various photos from the set. The latest, however, may reveal more than intended.

An image posted to Twitter by The Awkward Yeti shows Bryce Dallas Howard reading her script for the film. As The JHN Files noted, the back pages of the script are yellow, which typically indicates rewrites, suggesting the final fifth or so of the film has been changed.

Acting takes a lot of Heart and a lot of Brain... thanks so much for this photo @BryceDHoward with your @JurassicWorld 2 script!

— The Awkward Yeti (@theawkwardyeti) June 15, 2017

Typically, color pages in a screenplay indicate rewrites; the recommended WGA order is white (the original production draft), followed by blue, pink, yellow, etc. for the rewritten pages. There's some uncertainty about which order Jurassic World 2 is using since the WGA recommendation is only a suggestion, but what isn't up for debate is the final part of Bryce Dallas Howard's copy has additions of some sort. The fact that the screenplay has been rewritten doesn't come as too much of a surprise; writer/producer Colin Trevorrow recently revealed that he's been on the set of Jurassic World 2 in order to support Bayona by looking for alternate ways to take the film's scenes.

As is always the case with these sort of changes, it's no real cause for concern. Indeed, the Jurassic franchise is no stranger to alternate or changed endings. The famous climax of Jurassic Park originally didn't have the Tyrannosaurus Rex battle the Velociraptors in the Visitor Center. In fact, recently a storyboarded scene that takes place after the Visitor Center encounter revealed that there was one more chase scene planned for the film's ending that was scrapped. Both The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III had alternate endings as well.

What is notable is how much of the ending appears to have been rewritten. It seems that the entire third act of the film has undergone changes, although there is no way to tell how significant those changes are (or if those pages are actually additions of another sort). Despite the stigma which surrounds rewrites, they actually tend to indicate that the filmmakers are looking for ways to improve upon the original draft. In all likelihood, the new ending to Jurassic World 2 is probably better than what was originally conceived.

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Source: The JHN Files

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