Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was the film that officially labeled Steven Spielberg as a visionary mastermind. His unequaled ability to merge practical effects with cutting-edge computer generated imagery has only been rivaled by a few directors working today.

It's a film that works as a glorified blockbuster, but it doesn't skimp on the tense or emotionally complicated moments that Spielberg is known for. Not to mention, this was the film that put Jeff Goldblum on the map, so the entire world has Spielberg to thank for that. And with all of the practical dinosaur work in the film, it's easy to see how Spielberg was able to get convincing performances from his entire cast, even the child actors.

Hopefully J.A. Bayona will be able to make the first truly spectacular Jurassic sequel with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), and he'll revisit the intensity present throughout the original film - something no sequel since has chieved. But for now, let's take a look at what these Jurassic Park actors and actresses have been up to for the past two and a half decades.

Here is Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Jurassic Park.

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15 Joseph Mazzello - Timmy

One of the two lead child actors in the film, Joseph Mazzello was able to give a pretty convincing performance while acting against some impressively large practical dinosaurs. Timmy and his sister in the film were the characters that a young audience were able to see the world of Jurassic Park through, and their sense of wonder really resonated with the wonder that children experienced when they saw the film in theaters.

Mazzello later went on to star in The Social Network, GI Joe: Retaliation, and the HBO limited series, The Pacific. He also wrote and directed an indie film, Undrafted. Mais currently filming the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, in which he will play bassist John Deacon opposite his The Pacific co-star Rami Malek (as Freddie Mercury).

14 Ariana Richards - Lex

As Lex, Ariana Richards was the second child actor who helped to lead the dinosaur-filled blockbuster, and she managed to be the most impressive actor of the two. She was funny when she needed to be, was able to seem genuinely terrified on camera, and she was never pushed aside by some of the bigger names attached to the film.

After Jurassic Park, Ariana starred in an episode of Boy Meets World, and she sort of fell off the map after that. She made the decision to go to school to become an artist, and has since been chasing that dream. She has also appeared in some smaller roles in more independent film, but she never wanted to attempt to ride the success of Jurassic Park. Richards decided that her true passions laid within the art community rather than the film community.

13 Jeff Goldblum - Dr. Ian Malcolm

The most impossible task in the world is to attempt to find someone who doesn't absolutely love Jeff Goldblum. His role in Jurassic Park is certainly the most memorable, and of course, the memes created from his character's dialogue have certainly helped to make that a fact. Goldblum played Dr. Ian Malcolm, a weirdly hunky mathematician in Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

Since then, Goldblum also starred in Independence Day and the awful sequel, Independence Day: Retaliation.

He's also set to appear in Taika Waititi's upcoming Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok, which looks absolutely bonkers. And of course, Goldblum manages to be the craziest element in an absolutely beautiful and absurd world for the second time. He's also set to reprise his role as Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

12 Laura Dern - Dr. Ellie Staler

Laura Dern is an incredible actress and is an absolute delight in Jurassic Park. As Ellie, she really is the anchor of the film. Her character experiences an entire gamut of emotions, and she is able to pull them all off effortlessly.

Following up her work on Jurassic Park, she would later go on to appear in films like Everything Must Go, and The Master. She's also done some incredible television work, like her starring role in HBO's Enlightened, as well as her role in HBO's Big Little Lies, which earned her an Emmy. She also was nominated for an Oscar for her work in the Reese Witherspoon lead film, The Wild.

Perhaps most exciting of all, she's going to be showing up in this year's hotly anticipated blockbuster, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

11 Sam Neill - Dr. Grant

Sam Neill in Jurassic Park and now

Sam Neill is the lead actor in Jurassic Park, and its two sequels, Lost World and Jurassic Park 3. After his work in Jurassic Park, he would go on to act in a lot of TV series, including Alcatraz, Merlin, and The Tudors. He took on roles horror films Event Horizon and In The Mouth of Madness, and more recently starred in Taika Waititi's hilarious film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Neill seemed to want to stick to more independent projects and lay low after his career defining role as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park - he won't appear in Fallen Kingdom. He will, however, team with former co-star Jeff Goldblum and director Taika Waititi in Thor: Ragnarok, though his role is still unknown.

10 B.D. Wong - Henry Wu

B.D. Wong is an actor that completely disappears into his supporting roles, so much so that it's often hard to actually recognize him. Speaking specifically towards his recent role as Whiterose in the television drama, Mr. Robot, it's very hard to identify the actor.

He portrayed a scientist, Wu, in the original Jurassic Park film, and he actually revived the character in 2015's Jurassic World. Since the original Jurassic film, he's been in some pretty big films, including of course, Jurassic World, but also Focus and The Space Between Us. He's slated to return in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

B.D. Wong is a truly remarkable supporting actor that deserves to be given the spotlight much more in the future - hopefully his Emmy nomination for Mr. Robot is the first of many.

9 Wayne Knight - Nedry

Newman! Wayne Knight was put on the map because of his recurring role on the massively successful sitcom, Seinfeld. Following his role as Nedry in Jurassic Park, he did a lot of voiceover work for some great Disney Animated films, including Hercules, Toy Story, and Tarzan. He would later star in a lot of television shows, including That 70's Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and How I Met Your Mother.

Knight was recently in the Coen Brothers film, Hail, Caesar! He also starred in Space Jam, alongside Michael Jordan, which is something very few people get to say they accomplished in their lifetime.

He's always the character that enjoys making trouble, or getting those around him into trouble, but there are few actors that can portray that as convincingly as Mr. Knight.

8 Samuel L. Jackson - Arnold

It would be much easier to list the films that Samuel L. Jackson hasn't been in. He's certainly one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, and because of this he's been in some of the greatest films of all time. From Arnold in Jurassic Park to Major Marquis Warren in The Hateful Eight, the man has basically done it all (mostly for Tarantino). He's been a jedi in a galaxy far, far away, and he's been an ice controlling superhero in one of the best animated films to come out of the Pixar production banner.

From voiceover work to gritty and intense dramas, Samuel L. Jackson will be considered one of the most versatile and talented actors to ever take on the challenging profession. Also he likes to swear, a lot.

7 Richard Attenborough - Dr. Hammond

If there's one thing to be said about Dr. Hammond, as played by Richard Attenborough, it's that the man made sure to spare no expense. He was the (seriously incompetent) park owner and manager who ended up inviting the archeologists and scientists to the island for a showcase of sorts. Of course things go horribly wrong under his supervision, and he's forced to attempt to save lives and salvage his life's work in the span of a few days.

Attenborough has starred in some impressive films, including Miracle on 34th Street, Hamlet, and Elizabeth. He was certainly more of a classically trained actor, when compared to some of the other leading actors of the film, and that seemed to help make his character all the more believable and interesting. Unfortunately he did pass away in 2014, but he lived doing what he loved.

6 Bob Peck - Muldoon

Bob Peck has been a supporting actor in Hollywood for quite some time now, and his roles are usually pretty memorable, especially when compared to the other supporting actors in some of Spielberg's films. His character, Muldoon, is the one that comes face to face with the velociraptor, right before it tears him to shreds.

After Jurassic Park, Peck was involved in a lot of television work, and a few more obscure films, like Surviving Picasso, Seasick, The Opium War, Smilla's Sense of Snow, and The Miracle Maker. Unfortunately he passed away on April 4th, 1999, but his extremely memorable role in Jurassic Park will live on forever. It's hard to outshine actors like Sam Neill, Laura Dern, or Samuel L. Jackson in their own film, but who can forget his brutal scene?

5 Miguel Sandoval - Rostagno

Another supporting actor in the film, Miguel Sandoval - who played Rostagno - has basically worked all over the industry, appearing briefly in some well revered films, and some great television.

Following his role in Jurassic Park, he appeared in films like, Clear and Present Danger, Blow, Real Steel, Oculus, as well as providing voice work for The Book of Life, Batman Beyond, and Generator Rex. He's also appeared in several television shows over the years, in different capacities, including Seinfeld, Grey's Anatomy, Entourage, and The X-Files.

He's basically one of those actors that has just appeared in basically everything television and film related, and he's set to appear in quite a few episodes of the Gillian Flynn adaptation Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams.

4 Richard Kiley - Tour Voice

Richard Kiley is certainly one of the more unknown supporting actors on this list, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been in some impressive films. After his work as the tour voice in Jurassic Park, he went on to appear in the Robin Williams comedy/drama, Patch Adams.

It's sometimes hard to forget the importance of supporting actors, but they really help to flesh out the world of the film, and are often as crucial to the overall immersion present in the theater as the main characters themselves. If supporting actors weren't working overtime to make sure that they give the best performances possible in film, audiences would be taken out of the narrative of the film much quicker.

Kiley would also later go on to appear in the film Phenomenon, starring John Travolta. He did pass away in 1999 at the age of 76.

3 Dean Cundy - Mate

Dean Cundy has actually been one of Steven Spielberg's go-to cinematographers for nearly his entire career, and for good reason. He was the cinematographer on Hook and Jurassic Park, but he also worked alongside Robert Zemeckis on the Back to the Future films. In addition to working behind the camera, Cundy has also starred in some smaller roles over the years, including Jurassic Park.

Since Jurassic Park, his only acting role was actually in The Flintstones film, but he's done cinematography work on films like Casper, Apollo 13, and Flubber.

Even though his appearances tend to be more towards the blink-and-you'll miss them variety, it doesn't negate the fact that he's worked on some truly revolutionary films with incredible directors.

2 Gerald Molen - Harding

Gerald Molen is certainly more of a producer than an actor, but he's actually appeared in several impressive movies over the years. Prior to his role as Harding in Jurassic Park, he had appeared in Rain Man and Days of Thunder, but following the film, he appeared in Amistad, Side of Heaven, and Catch Me If You Can.

Granted, all of these roles were pretty small, but Molen's real claim to fame in Hollywood are the films that he's produced over the years. Lately he's been producing several documentaries, but he also was a producer on Minority Report, The Other Side of Heaven, Twister, Casper, and Schindler's List. So he's certainly built an impressive film resume over the years.

He's also going to be producing the Jason Statham shark film Meg, coming next year.

1 Steven Spielberg

Perhaps the world's greatest living director, and arguably one of the greatest directors of all time, Steven Spielberg seems to surprise audiences almost yearly with his impressive directing range. Most directors struggle with the balance between spectacular visuals and intriguing characters and stories, but Spielberg has done this seemingly effortlessly over the span of his entire career.

Along with George Lucas and James Cameron, Spielberg seemed to break the mold when it came to delivering larger than life action-filled stories that were also hits at the box office.

He's done so much since Jurassic Park, including Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, Lincoln, and The BFG. And next year he will defy expectations again with his Earnest Cline adaptation, Ready Player One.


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