Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park hasn’t remained popular for 22 years simply because of its director, the life-like animatronic dinosaurs at the center or even actor Jeff Goldblum. Rather, the Universal Pictures title is a prime example of what happens when all the elements of film come together perfectly to create a great movie, including writing, cinematography, visual effects and, yes, sound.

While many may remember how it felt to see Industrial Light & Magic’s beautifully rendered dinosaurs onscreen for the first time, most can probably also recall the sounds made by the dinosaurs themselves, where animal noises were used to create their various roars and calls. But perhaps the most important sound in the film is composer John Williams’ incredible score.

For Jurassic Park, Williams was determined to create “pieces that would convey a sense of awe and fascination,” since the movie dealt with the “overwhelming happiness and excitement” of seeing dinosaurs brought back to life. A new digital soundtrack was released on April 9, 2013 for the film’s 20th anniversary, and now the Jurassic Park Theme has jumped to No. 1 on Billboard’s Classic Digital Songs following Jurassic World‘s record box office opening. According to Nielsen Music, the theme song sold 3,000 copies last week, a 205 percent gain from before the sequel released in theaters.

Sci Fi Premises Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Theme Tops Billboard Charts 22 Years After Release

So while Jurassic World is expected to reign supreme yet again this weekend at the box office, it seems viewers worldwide have dinosaurs on the brain. It isn’t just the new movie that’s making records, but also the franchise itself. Along with the theme song hitting No. 1, the sequel’s score album (composed by Michael Giacchino) is hovering at No. 6 on the Soundtracks chart. And the original Jurassic Park soundtrack has also moved up from 24 to the No. 11 spot.

Another Jurassic Park movie is all but a sure thing at this point, with audiences clearly on board for any and everything the world has to offer. The series combines the right mix of nostalgia for adults, wonder for kids and thrills for young and old alike, so if the movie can continue to capture all these aspects going forward, they could go on indefinitely. It’s a shame Williams didn’t compose the new score, but his theme will still live on in various forms within the franchise.

Jurassic World is in theaters now.

Source: Nielsen Music (via Business Insider)

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