Jurassic Park Meets the 1990s Dinosaurs TV Series in New Images

Jurassic Park - T-Rex Cropped

Two very different sorts of 1990s era dinosaurs cross paths in new fan-made images. In 1993, Steven Spielberg directed arguably the quintessential dinosaur movie, that of course being the iconic Jurassic Park. Featuring breathtaking special effects that still mostly stand up today, Jurassic Park captivated the world, spawning a franchise that's still going strong nearly 25 years later. Jurassic Park's genetically engineered triumphs weren't the only prehistoric creatures to gain pop culture popularity in the early '90s though, with a sitcom family of dinos briefly capturing America's heart on the small screen.

Premiering on ABC in spring 1991, Dinosaurs was created by network comedy veterans Michael Jacobs and Bob Young, who would go on to work together on Boy Meets World. The titular dinosaurs were portrayed by puppets designed by Jim Henson Productions, with the show itself based on an idea Henson had had prior to his sudden death in 1990. Similar in some ways to The Flintstones, Dinosaurs centered on the blue-collar Sinclair family of anthropomorphic dinos living in 60,000,003 BC, including dad Earl, mom Fran, and their three kids Robbie, Charlene, and Baby.

Dinosaurs was a big hit for ABC, running for 4 seasons, and signing off in summer 1994 after 65 episodes. The show has retained a cult fanbase in the years since, and said fanbase will likely find themselves tickled by the newly-released work of artist Jen Lewis. Through the magic of photo editing, Lewis has replaced the iconic dinosaurs from the original Jurassic Park with characters from the Dinosaurs TV series. You can check the images out, below:

*Clears throat as if to announce something extremely important*

"Jurassic Park" but the dinosaurs are from the ‘90s TV show "Dinosaurs"

— Jen Lewis (@thisjenlewis) June 28, 2017

While one would assume that the Sinclairs don't pose the same threat to Jurassic Park's characters as that film's rampaging carnivores did, it's really impossible to be sure. Affable or not, Earl and family are still dinosaurs, and since humans weren't part of their show, it's hard to predict how they would react to encountering people. Earl might very well see that lawyer on the toilet and find him just as tasty as the T-Rex did. Baby may also have opted to hit Dr. Grant with a frying pan right after that photo was taken.

In all seriousness though, in the current age of TV revivals, one wonders how long it will take before someone seriously attempts to get some type of Dinosaurs revival off the ground. While the infamously depressing Dinosaurs series finale did indeed assure fans that the Sinclairs weren't long for their world, that doesn't really mean much in a time where fellow ABC sitcom Roseanne is getting brought back and completely retconning its own dour finale.

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Source: Jen Lewis

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