Amazing Fan-Made Jurassic Park Game Demo Brings T-Rex To Life

Heading back to 1993 and reliving the magic of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, a fan-made project gives everyone a dinosaur game they can be proud of as that famous T-Rex comes to life using the Unity 5 Engine.

Whether preparing to take over the box office with Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom or stomping into action on mobile devices with Jurassic World Alive, dinosaurs are everywhere right now. As the movie series continues, fans are looking for how Jurassic Park can continue making money away from the silver screen - video games are just one way to keep Michael Crichton's legacy alive.

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With children and adults shaking like a glass full of water since 1993, easily one of the most memorable scenes from Jurassic Park was the T-Rex paddock scene. In 2018, T-Rex Breakout from unity5games recreates the action with the heart-pounding potential of VR. Chased by Rexy, players have to try and make it to the safety of a car without being torn to shreds (à la Donald Gennaro) or having their vehicle flipped. Although there is no sign of Dr. Ian Malcolm, those infamous Jurassic Park toilets do make an appearance.

Unity5 T-Rex Jurassic Park game

As video games adapt to the 21st Century and VR becomes the norm, there is an obsession with dinosaurs. While the likes of Back to Dinosaur Island and Robinson: The Journey have both had their plus points, just imagine the selling power of a proper VR game officially connected to Universal's continuously popular franchise. Leaving the door open for something new, 2017's VRSE Jurassic World and this year's Jurassic World: Blue both failed to cash in on the Jurassic namesake with much success.

Considering that a sixth movie is already planned for after Fallen Kingdom and the original celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 9, the timing couldn't be better for a Jurassic Park game to hit shelves. Admittedly, Jurassic World Evolution hopes to reinvent the business simulator genre by merging in with InGen and its nefarious schemes, but T-Rex Breakout is something altogether different. Considering it uses the actual T-Rex sounds from the movie, unity5games has put a lot of thought into its demo.

While T-Rex Breakout is rough around the edges to say the least, it showcases what could be done with a well-planned Jurassic game. Much like the movie franchise, the history of Jurassic games is sketchy to say the least, but it looks like the industry has come a long way from sitting in an arcade in the back of a Ford Explorer for SEGA's 1994 game. For those who want to experience T-Rex Breakout for themselves, unity5games has made the download available online. Ironically, it isn't currently available for VR.

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Source: unity5games

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