What Happened To Ellie Sattler After Jurassic Park (& Will She Return)

Ellie Sattler was a major part of the original Jurassic Park but what happened to her after the movie and will she ever return to the franchise?

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What happened to Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) after Jurassic Park and will she return for a future sequel? The original Jurassic Park was based on the best-selling novel by Michael Crichton, who also wrote and directed the original Westworld. The 1993 movie version would prove to be a groundbreaking blockbuster, and in addition to featuring a great cast and setpieces, it pioneered the use of CGI effects.

Steven Spielberg would return to direct The Lost World: Jurassic Park, based once again off a Crichton novel. Unfortunately, the sequel suffered in comparison to the original and Spielberg later admitted he felt bored making it. Jurassic Park III was helmed by Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger), which started filming with an unfinished script and was met with mediocre reviews. The series went into hibernation for a period while numerous scripts were developed until Colin Trevorrow co-wrote and directed the enormously successful Jurassic World. Trevorrow would return as writer and executive producer on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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Ellie Sattler was introduced in Crichton's original novel, with Laura Dern (Twin Peaks: The Return) playing the character in Spielberg's adaptation. The movie changes her relationship with Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) from the novel, with the two now being romantically involved. After being invited to inspect the park by owner John Hammond, Ellie becomes part of the group stranded on the island when the dinosaurs break loose. After run-ins with the T-Rex and being stalked by Velociraptors, she, Alan and the others are rescued.

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Jurassic Park ends with the suggestion Grant has overcome his aversion to having a family after saving Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim. Sadly, Jurassic Park III reveals things didn't work out between Ellie and Alan, with Grant remaining committed to his work. Instead, Ellie married someone else and had two children, though she and Alan remained friends. The movie also reveals she became a children's author, and in the finale, she's responsible for sending the Marines to rescue Alan and the group stranded on Site B.

While Ellie Sattler was once rumored to make a return for Jurassic Park 4 during its decade-long development process, the character hasn't reappeared since the third movie. Colin Trevorrow has spoken of resisting the urge to include characters from the original trilogy since he couldn't picture Ellie or Grant returning to dinosaurs under any circumstances. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) briefly returned for Fallen Kingdom to testify before the Senate on the ethics of leaving the cloned dinosaurs to die, but he wasn't involved in the main action.

Jurassic Park fans hoping for an Ellie Sattler return may get their wish, however, since Fallen Kingdom featured the dinosaurs escaping captivity. Jurassic World 3 will feature the world having to deal with the fallout of their escape and the rise of cloning technology, and Trevorrow has spoken of including original trilogy characters to close out the final Jurassic World film. Trevorrow has even spoken of Laura Dern never having a Jurassic Park adventure where she was the focus, and Chris Pratt mentioned during a February 2019 interview that he'd spoken with her about the upcoming third movie.

While nothing has been confirmed, it feels very likely Ellie Sattler, and perhaps Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant will play some kind of part in Jurassic World 3. The team behind the film want it, the fans definitely want it and it feels like the best way to round off the series.

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