'Jurassic World' LEGO Toys May Reveal New Dinosaur

Jurassic World LEGO toys may reveal new dinosaur

Next year's Jurassic World will feature not just a fully-functional Jurassic Park, but also a brand-new dinosaur, as has been confirmed by no less an authority than the movie's director, Colin Trevorrow. The mystery creature, long referred to as the "D-Rex" online, is engineered by the Jurassic Park scientists in the film, and fresh images of an (alleged) Jurassic World LEGO set reveal a dino that fits the rumored description.

Jurassic World picks up in real-time after the events in the original Jurassic Park movie (released back in 1993), as the late John Hammond's dream - for there to be an operational dinosaur theme park open to the public - has finally been realized. Trouble brews when the park's geneticists attempt to improve the park's attendance numbers by introducing a new genetically-engineered dino - one that may be too dangerous for the park's security forces (led by Chris Pratt's character) to control.

A description of Jurassic World trailer footage supports many of the longtime rumors about the movie's plot, though the "D-Rex" - rumored to possess "instant camouflage abilities" among other unusual characteristics - most likely won't make a direct appearance in the film's teaser trailer, which is expected to drop sometime between now and New Year'a Day 2015. As has been the case with past blockbusters (see: The Avengers), it appears that tie-in toys (specifically LEGOs) for Jurassic World provide additional details ahead of then. (Keep that grain of salt handy, though...)

You can check out (alleged) images of Jurassic World's new dino in LEGO form, along with pics of familiar creatures like the T-Rex and raptors from the film, at the Groove Bricks link below (via CBM and Sci-fied).


Jurassic World LEGO Mini-Figurines


The mystery dino depicted in the (again, unconfirmed) Jurassic World LEGO set - with its translucent skin and red eyes - is in line with unofficial Jurassic World concept art of the creature that's been making the rounds since at least this past summer. The "D-Rex" is said to be the result of its DNA being a splice of genetical material sampled from a T-Rex, Velociraptor, snake, and cuttlefish (see again, the camouflage abilities). However, as Trevorrow promised, it is not "a mutant freak" with, say, "octopus limbs", but instead resembles your average dinosaur, in terms of its physical build.

So yeah - a bit like if the Predator were a dinosaur, in other words.

Jurassic World Header (Official)

The scientists in Jurassic World include Bryce Dallas Howard's character and Jurassic Park's Dr. Henry Wu, again played by BD Wong. Their efforts to reignite the public's interest in seeing dinosaurs in real life, of course, parallels the efforts of the Jurassic World filmmaking team - including the movie's screenwriter Derek Connolly (Safety Not Guaranteed) and executive producer Steven Spielberg - to convince the filmgoing masses that even more Jurassic Park sequels are a good idea.

Of course, just as the scientists' efforts don't go the way they're planned in Jurassic World, there's certainly a risk that the general public won't take so well to the movie's new elements (be it the "D-Rex" or heavily-rumored plot points involving things like "trained" Velociraptors). There's certainly the potential for Jurassic World to be a smart updating of the Jurassic Park franchise, so here's to hoping that the movie doesn't squander that promise.

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Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Groove Bricks [via CBM and Sci-fied]

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