'Jurassic World' Rumor: Toy Listing Reveals Hybrid Dinosaur's Name

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How do you revive an action adventure franchise about dinosaurs after well over a decade? Well, if you're Jurassic World co-writer and director Colin Trevorrow you take things to the next level by inventing entirely new dinosaurs. In the recent trailer for Jurassic World, one of the major new additions to Isla Nublar that was teased was a mysterious hybrid dinosaur that's far more terrible than anything nature could have cooked up.

In addition to not revealing what the dinosaur looks like, Universal Pictures has also been careful not to reveal an official name for it... but that hasn't stopped speculation from emerging after the studio trademarked the names "Diabolus Rex" and "Indominus Rex." Assuming that both of these are alternate names for the same hybrid dinosaur and Trevorrow isn't hiding yet another weird creation in the wings, a new report suggests that Universal has settled on a final choice.

The latest update broke on the Instagram fan account jurassic_world2015, where an image of a leaked list of products names the various toys that will be available for sale and has "Indominus Rex" right at the top, followed shortly thereafter by "Mega Strike T Rex." This isn't a 100% confirmation - most of the toys are also listed under the name Jurassic Park instead of Jurassic World for some reason - but it does look like a strong indication that Universal decided to go with "Indominus Rex" as the hybrid's Latin name.

Of course, when a massive genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur is approaching in an aggressive way, wondering what it's called is probably not going to be very high on the priorities list. Considering the fact that the name of this dinosaur appears to have been in flux, it's possible that its moniker isn't actually said aloud in the film.

Jurassic World Updated Toy List! We were right about one thing the Diabolus Rex is actually called the Indominus Rex or Irex! Along with the Indominus Rex there are a variety of other toys as well like the Mashers Hybrid Dinos and along with Trex and Velociraptor Toys. Hasbro has confirmed Indominus Rex, Trex, Velociraptor, Mosasaur, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops and more! If you have any more questions ask my great friend @90skid4ever down below as he found this and sent this to me. I think I'm the first to post this on Instagram which is awesome! #jurassicworld #movie #colintrevorrow #june #12 #2015 #june122015 #toys #hasbro #indominusrex

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"Indominus" roughly translates to mean "untameable," which is significant in light of the fact that Jurassic World appears to have velociraptors that are at least partially tamed. In the trailer, Jurassic World staff member Owen (Chris Pratt) is shown riding his motorcycle amid a team of racing raptors that don't seem at all interested in eating him, which suggests that he has been able to form a tentative alliance with them and could perhaps use them to take down bigger dinosaurs. After all, dinosaur in-fighting was what saved the human characters in the first movie.

Indominus Rex is a strong choice and does sound less cheesy than Diabolus Rex. Let's just hope that Apple's branding team doesn't get their hands on it, or it'll become the iRex.

Jurassic World will be in theaters June 12, 2015.

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