'Juno' Why Ellen Page Won't Be In Drag Me To Hell?

When Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell was first announced I was skeptical that the script was up to snuff as it had sat on a shelf for fifteen years. However when Ellen Page signed up it looked like the project was starting to move ahead at a good pace, and that it might actually turn out to be a first rate film.

But... Page has now dropped out of the film due to a "scheduling conflict."

A joint statement from Ghost House Pictures and Mandate Pictures says:

"We were racing to start production so that we could accommodate Ellen's schedule. But like so many other productions trying to start before the potential SAG strike date, this one needed more time and we had to push back the start of production."

This happens all the time in Hollywood, but what is most interesting about this recent departure is that when Bloody Disgusting first broke the story, they stated that the reason Page quit the project was because she was unhappy with the script.

It seems like the horror genre is having a difficult time holding onto key members of cast and crew these days, especially after the shenanigans with The Wolfman!

Does this mean that Drag Me To Hell will be a disaster?

Possibly. Maybe the script does suck, maybe the Juno star does have better things to do with her time or maybe she realized that a genre movie like this isn't the best way to follow up an Oscar nomination.

No news yet on who will replace her, but they'll have to get their skates on as the film goes into production soon.

I'll keep you posted on any further developments!

Sources: BloodyDisgusting and Aintitcool

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