Junk Food Advertisers Emulate Drug Dealers

My daughter was watching TV this morning and a Cheetos commercial came on. The maker of this product uses a CGI cheetah who looks "cool" with a slick way of talking and dark sunglasses.

The commercial opened with a bunch of kids in a Huck Finn setting, sitting on the end of a pier with their pants rolled up to their knees. They were just hanging out and fishing on a summer day.

Of course one of them says something about being hungry or whatever and immediately the cheetah character swoops in with a flourish on a (expensive) jet-ski and says "Hey kids, why don't you try THIS?"

I swear that the first thing that popped into my head was that it came across like a drug dealer pimping his product on kids.

Call me nuts, I don't care... but that was my first impression. Slick looking and talking character shows up in expensive transportation in an over the top manner and tempts kids with something that's bad for them.

Heckuva marketing campaign if you ask me... go with what works. It's worked for years with drugs, why not junk food eh?

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