Jungle Cruise: 10 Other Disney Rides We Want Movie Versions Of

We can't wait for summer 2020 when Jungle Cruise, starring Dwayne Johnson, is in movie theaters. We'd love to see these Disney rides as movies.

There are several Disney theme parks located around the world, with rides that are based on and inspired by well-known characters, shows, and flicks. Many of these places feature an attraction called The Jungle Cruise, and as the name suggests, it allows guests to pretend they are riding down a river, past exotic animals and lush greenery.

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Next summer, a movie version of this ride will come out starring Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons and Paul Giamatti. This has us thinking, what other popular and exciting rides from Disney parks could be turned into full-length films? Here are our suggestions!

10 It's a Small World 

Of course, Disney parks have It's a Small World, which everyone knows about and which everyone deserves to see a film version of, too!

This is a water-based attraction in Fantasyland, its history goes back to the New York World's Fair, and it has hundreds of audio-animatronic characters in it. These characters show off different cultures from around the globe, presenting an idea of world peace. In 2014, there was talk about a film franchise, but so far, that has yet to be seen. We are ready, though.

9 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

One of the known roller coasters at Disney would be the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It is located in Frontierland, and it mimics a mine train, with a theme centered around the discovery of gold and mining for this precious material.

The surroundings at this ride look like the stones and mountains that could be found in the deserts of the Western part of the country. Back in 2013, there was talk of a TV show centered around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but obviously, this did not happen. Now, though, we would take a movie version!

8 Splash Mountain 

Splash Mountain starts out as a nice little floating ride, but then it gets dark, and it ends with a big drop into the briar patch. Now, this log flume attraction is already focused on a Disney movie: Song of the South, which came out in 1946. However, it is time for an update.

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All the animatronic animals that are featured here, the well-known tune Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, the look of the actual mountain, with its patch full of stickers at the bottom… All of that would make for a cool story to watch in theaters and in today’s time. 

7 Space Mountain

Another popular roller coaster that was brought about by Disney is Space Mountain. It is, of course, themed around outer space, and since it is set inside and in the dark, it can really cause visitors to feel like they are flying through another dimension.

This Tomorrowland attraction is a fan favorite, as are space-themed movies. That being said, it feels like a no-brainer when it comes to creating a film version of Space Mountain, to give the world even more exciting entertainment, right?

6 The Tree of Life

For some of these attractions, it is easy to see how a movie would play out, but for others, our imagination just runs wild. Take The Tree of Life, for instance. It can be found at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It stands 145 feet in the air. It has been around since the year 1998.

It has over 300 carvings on it, which show off different animals. It has 100,000 leaves on it. It even has a theater inside of it, with over 400 seats. And it needs its own film! We are not sure what it would be about exactly, but just as this tree is at the center of this park, it could also be at the center of an incredible story. 

5 Expedition Everest 

Also at Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest — Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, a roller coaster. This is not just any roller coaster, though… It is the most expensive one on the planet, and it sits in the biggest mountain that Disney has ever built.

The premise focuses on a Yeti trying to protect his mountain, and it is full of thrills. Imagine a film version: It has an interesting setting, it will provide some frights, and it would be full of the magic for which Disney parks and stories are known. 

4 The Matterhorn 

On a similar note, there is The Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride can be found at Disneyland, it is based on a real mountain, and it has been mentioned in the past, when talking about movies.

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In 2011, rumors came out about an adventure movie based around this attraction was in the works, and that it would feature a group of explorers who come across a Yeti. Whether we are given one movie about a Yeti on Everest or on The Matterhorn or we are given two films, we are ready!

3 Soarin'

Soarin' is one of Disney’s most popular rides, and there is also Soarin' Around the World, Soaring Over the Horizon and Soaring: Fantastic Flight. This attraction uses a ski lift-like system and a huge screen to make people feel like they are, well, soaring over iconic landmarks and locales.

There are even fake scents and winds used to make the experience even more realistic! Over the years, Disney has introduced fans to so many different places, and a film version of this attraction would allow that to be taken even further. 

2 Spaceship Earth 

Another very well-known Disney ride is Spaceship Earth. This one can be found inside the big, white ball at Epcot! It is a pretty short ride, but it is packed full of information, as it goes over the history of communication and shows off the advancements we have made over time.

In order to tell this story, the plot of the ride is centered around a time machine, and that is something else that always does well in films. Therefore, there definitely needs to be a full-length film that goes over the past, that brags about how far we have come and that features time travel. 

1 The Great Movie Ride

And then there was The Great Movie Ride. This attraction, which was located at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, was open from 1989 to 2017.

It was housed in a building that looked like the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, since it was centered around classic films; animatronic actors, effects, music and props all combined to show off 12 popular movies in a whole new way. For a movie about these movies, we are imagining a sort of Night At The Museum scenario, where a trip into this attraction would bring these characters and stories to life and allow fans to enjoy it all again!

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