The Ultimate Jungle Book Gift Guide

The Jungle Book is a story of friendship, trust, giving and the pursuit of happiness. From the 1894 book written by Rudyard Kipling, to the 1967 Disney animated feature film, to the live action/CGI version released by Disney in 2016, the narrative continues to enchant audiences and charm new fans. Both young and old viewers can relate to the themes of family, loyalty and harmony in the natural environment.

Mowgli's journey is one that grips audiences and stays in the back of the mind. For fans of The Jungle Book, these gifts will take them back to the first time they encountered Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa.

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10 Mowgli Funko Pop


Mowgli is depicted in this figure as he looks in the original Disney animated film, with his choppy hair and bangs, as well as his orange bottoms. As the protagonist of the story, Mowgli is a key character to have in a collection of Funko Pops or Jungle Book memorabilia.

This little version of Mowgli can keep your loved one company at home or at work, or function as a pick-me-up reminder of a sweet character, with a naive optimism that we all need sometimes. Mowgli wants to find his place in the jungle, and we can all relate to that. Gift this Pop to someone you love, to show them that they mean as much to you as Mowgli does to Baloo.

9 Mighty Fine Jungle Book T Shirt


This shirt shows a graphic of Baloo and Mowgli, pulled from the original animated Disney film in the 1960s. The scene is from the end of the iconic performance of Bare Necessities. Baloo drifts on his back along a peaceful river with Mowgli balancing on his tummy, enjoying the simplicity of carefree living. Bagheera has stalked away, stressed out and giving up on them both.

This is officially licensed Disney merchandise, 50% cotton and 50% polyester, allowing for both breathability and a durable fabric that will last through many wears and washes. The green color evokes the lush jungle in which Mowgli and Baloo let their friendship blossom.

8 The Jungle Book Socks 6-Pack


These socks are available in sizes that work for everyone - women's, men's, kids' and teens'. The 6 pack of socks features sets of 6 different characters, including Kaa, King Louie, Shere Khan, Hathi Jr., Baloo and of course, Mowgli, hugging his beloved friend and mentor, Baloo.

The pairs are in different colors to match with various outfits - grey, blue, purple, pink, green and beige. Gift these to a fan of the original Jungle Book animated film. This makes a great present for a child who wants to show off their cool socks at school, or an adult who wants something fun to remind them of a favorite film, without being too obvious.

7 King Louie Plush


One of the characters created for the Disney animated film, King Louie was not featured at all in Rudyard Kipling's writing and appeared for the first time on the big screen, in full color. He is a long-armed, fire-obsessed leader of the orangutans.

With a love of swing music and a talent for holding a tune, he is a memorable secondary character in the film. This plush of King Louie is 12 inches tall and ready for cuddles from a small friend, who may require a little extra protection from the dark at night. It's also a great present for an adult fan, as it's official Jungle Book merchandise and looks great displayed on a shelf.

6 The Jungle Book Animated Film


This is the 2014 edition of the original animated Disney film. The DVD includes special features, such as a special introduction by Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt Disney and co-founder of the Walt Disney Family Museum.

A deleted scene from the film is also included, with a "lost character" who never appeared in the final cut, Rocky the Rhino. It also includes Disneypedia: Junglemania! which is a mini-doc that travels into the Indian jungles to learn about the real-life animals that are featured in The Jungle Book. This is a great look back at the timeless Disney classic and a beautiful gift for an older fan who hasn't seen this version in a while, or a family who can watch it together.

5 The Art of the Jungle Book


This book examines and captures the art of the 2016 live action/CGI film. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and production of the film, giving more context and in-depth detail to the movie. The pages include CG designs, original concept art and behind-the-scenes photography. Large, full-color images and exclusive information provide a fan experience like no other.

The technology behind the jaw-dropping visuals is also expanded upon, with information about CG and motion-capture methods used in the production. The never-before-seen cast and crew interviews round out this book as a must-have for any fan of the film and its beloved characters.

4 The Jungle Book Morphing Mug


This mug features artwork by the late Thomas Kinkade, who created stunning portrayals of Disney scenery and characters during his career. The design does not appear when the mug is cold or room temperature, at which it is solid black ceramic. Once hot liquid is poured in, the art wraps around the entire cup, featuring Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo interacting in front of a lush, vivid jungle landscape in the background.

The colors are bright and alive, capturing the essence of the film and music that went along with it. The mug holds 11 ounces of your favorite beverage, the perfect amount to kick back with and enjoy the bare necessities of life.

3 Kaa Funko Pop


This Pop features Kaa, the giant, sneaky, alluring snake with hypnotic eyes. Kaa is an important character in The Jungle Book animated film, as he is in constant pursuit of Mowgli, wishing he could eat him for lunch.

The figure appears as Kaa when he is attempting to hypnotize his prey, with kooky, swirling eyes and an upright posture, perched atop a coiled tail. He looks great displayed next to Mowgli, acting as a suggested threat and a fun villain for Mowgli to cleverly thwart. This is a great gift for all ages, as it's a high-quality toy or ornament that is still affordable. This will be highly appreciated by a collector of Pops, or can be an impetus for an entirely new hobby, gathering more and more characters for Kaa to drool over.

2 The Jungle Book Live Action/CGI Film


This version of the film, released in 2016, combined live action with CGI in a beautiful production with stunning visuals and tear-jerking emotion. Director Jon Favreau is also responsible for Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Chef.

The musical score is composed by John Debney, of Elf and Iron Man 2. Bonus extras include The Jungle Book Reimagined, which features director Jon Favreau, producer Brigham Taylor and visual effects supervisor Rob Legato. The three share how they differentiated the film from the original animation and how they referenced the first movie, through tech, casting and changes they made. The added feature, I am Mowgli, follows actor Neel Sethi on his journey to being cast as Mowgli and portraying him in the film.

1 The Jungle Book Soundtrack


Featuring all your favorite songs from the original animated film, this soundtrack is essential for a true fan of The Jungle Book, or a Disney fan in general. The CD contains the entire soundtrack from the film, plus a bonus interview Robert and Richard Sherman, songwriters for the movie. This release is digitally remastered for optimal quality and features all of the classic swing style tunes that prompt nostalgia and joy.

The score, composed by George Bruns, is included, as well as 2 additional bonus tracks that are rarely heard, Baloo's Blues and It's a Kick. The star of the recording is the Oscar-nominated Bare Necessities, performed by Phil Harris, the unmistakable voice of Baloo.

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