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Doug Liman has got plenty on his plate right now - including, a spinoff series based on the sci-fi novel and film, Jumper. Back in 2008, Doug Liman helped to bring Steven Gould's Jumper series to the big screen. Focusing on a group of people with the ability to teleport across great distances, the film had promise. Sadly, a poor script and a weak performance by Hayden Christensen left audiences and critics unimpressed. Since that time, however, fans of the book series have been hanging on to rumors of a Jumper sequel.

Though a film follow-up doesn't look to be on the horizon, a TV series based on the source material is. Last year, YouTube Red ordered a pilot for Impulse, based on the third book in Gould's series. At the head of the project was Liman, best known for the cult hit Edge of Tomorrow. The move was part of one by YouTube to continue pushing into dramatic and episodic television, rather than sticking with their slate of content creator shows. Now, it looks as if the new series will finally be coming to life.

Deadline is reporting that YouTube Red has ordered Impulse to series, which is eyeing a 2018 premiere. Liman will serve as the director, with collaborator Gary Spinelli (American Made), Jason Horwitch (Luke Cage), and Jeffrey Lieber (Lost) writing. The show will be produced by UPC and Hypnotic, the same group behind the Nightflyers series that Syfy just ordered based on the George R.R. Martin book.

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Impulse will focus on Henry, a 16-year-old played by Maddie Hasson (I Saw the Light) who discovers her feelings of being an outsider are based on her special ability. While previous reports suggested the series would be based around the daughter of Hayden Christensen's character, the direction looks to have changed. No doubt, fans of the book series and even the movie will be excited by the news, especially with Liman once again on board.

Meanwhile, Liman has a busy schedule ahead of him. Though he dropped out of Fox's Gambit and has left DC's Justice League Dark, he's still got a number of projects on his plate. The list includes the sci-fi film Unearthed, the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, and the Chaos Walking movie adaptation that Liman is set to begin production on this summer.

YouTube Red also recently ordered a new series from The Rock and Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty), so 2018 should be a strong year for them in terms of original content. There's no word yet on when Impulse will premiere, but we'll keep you updated as the project develops.

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Source: Deadline

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